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I hate the cold. I really hate the cold. Did I mention that I hate the cold? ‘Cause I really do. I’m from a family that grew up in a country with year-round sun and warmth. I lived in said country for four years (it’s Ghana in West Africa if you’re wondering. If you were not, now you know anyway). I can probably rant, but for other purposes and easy understanding, I’ll just make a list. So…

1. The common cold is more common in the cold. Have you noticed that everyone gets a cold around the turn of the season? I don’t get sick often, if at all, but when I do, it’s freaking COLD OUTSIDE!

2. Bundles. So this might be a little weird, but I don’t actually like winter clothing very much. I don’t like walking around in coats and scarves and gloves and looking all cozy and cute. For me, it’s inconvenient when I walk into my college classes and I have to figure out where I’m going to put my big, black winter coat and jacket in the cramped lecture hall. Then when it’s over, I got to pack my laptop/notes then slug my jacket and heavy coat on while people are waiting to pass through. It’s a lot of work.

3. It doesn’t snow when you need it to. Snow is pretty, and it’s fun to play in when you’re like, nine. But when you’re nineteen and you hear a Nor’easter coming, you pray that it comes over so that classes get cancelled and you get more time to study for midterms. But NOPE — you still have to take that exam. At least the electricity didn’t go out.

4. Speaking of snow… Like I mentioned earlier, snow is pretty when it falls. It’s not-so-pretty when you’re outside walking/driving in it. For some reason, fluffy balls of water falling at a fast pace with freezing wind behind it is not fun at all, no sir. And shoveling after a big snowstorm is a guarantee for frostbite. That’s not fun either. Just…no.

5. Freezing rain. Is probably worse than snow. As everyone (hopefully) knows snow only falls when the temperature falls to the freezing point or below (32 degrees Fahrenheit). Sometimes, the temperature doesn’t quite touch that, so it rains instead, and it burns my skin. And we all know that rain runs the risk of all your stuff getting wet. Thank goodness my laptop didn’t get wet, or else I wouldn’t be writing this article right now.

6.  The temperature. You’ve probably figured out the final reason, right? No? Hmm…let’s see…oh yeah, the actual COLD TEMPERATURE!! Goodness. I just don’t like going outside and my skin feels ready to shrivel up and wither away. Everything exposed to the biting cold usually freezes within about ten minutes. Whenever I see the temperature drops below 25 degrees, I want to cry and not go outside. Do you know that stereotype that black people don’t like the cold? It’s true for me.

I can’t wait for spring and summer months. It gives me a six-month break from the pain that is the winter months. I just don’t like it. And don’t worry, when I’m not a broke college student, I’ll move to a place where it’s warm year-round, so I can stop complaining.


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