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Why Bead Head Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray By TIGI Is A Hair-Saver!

Let’s talk about hair. I simultaneously love it and curse it as the bane of my existence. My mom has red curly hair and my dad is bald, yet somehow they made me, with my thick, wavy and sometimes crazy blonde locks. Most of the time, my hair is tied in a ponytail or sprawled around my shoulders if I just don’t feel like messing with it for the day. Due to the thickness and texture of my hair, I have a pretty regular routine for caring for it: brush it only before I shower (or else I deal with puffy, weirdly straight hair), wash it with hydrating shampoo, let conditioner sit on it for a few minutes, brush it with a wide toothed comb while it’s wet and work a leave in conditioner in before leaving it to air dry. However, I recently stumbled across a new addition to my routine: Bed Head’s Get Twisted anti-frizz finishing spray.

If you have any kind of hair on your head, you understand that dreaded word: frizz. Dealing with frizz is annoying and next to impossible to control, especially as the weather begins to warm up.

You go from this:


to this:


in five seconds flat. As soon as you step outside in the summer (or step into a frat basement on campus), your hair begins to rebel. For me, my hair even gets frizzy in the winter and while doing other everyday things. This spray is a game-changer.

The bottle states that you can spray it onto wet or dry hair, so I chose to spray it on my hair after I showered. The spray is light and fragrant, with a slightly floral and citrus smell. I held the bottle a couple inches away from my hair, spritzed some on the top of my head, starting at my crown and ending at the ends of my hair and then flipped my hair over and repeated it. I ran the comb through my hair again to make sure it distributed evenly, and then waited for my hair to dry and let the spray work it’s magic.

The end result: highly defined waves and reduced frizz. Though the spray did not entirely get rid of my frizz, it definitely made my waves more defined as the bottle advertises and smoothed my hair so I did not have a frizz halo. These changes happened after only the first use. I was worried the spray would feel too much like hairspray, but it did not add any heaviness or greasiness to my hair like other anti-frizz products have in the past, and it helped my hair remain light, flowing and soft. Not even the fragrance lingered. It just looked and felt like my hair, just more tamed. Additionally, I like that you don’t have to use a ton – the bottle seems like it’s going to last forever at the rate I’m using it at, even though I’m using it after every shower.

(Frizz, weirdly straight chunks of hair and barely there waves versus almost beachy, clearly defined, tamed waves — yay!)

Just a couple of suggestions, however: I would recommend spraying it on wet hair. It did have a bit of a greasier feel when I tried to spray it on my dry hair, when I accidentally sprayed too much on, or when I held the bottle too close to my head and sprayed it too directly on one spot of my hair. I also have not tried to see if it actually lasts 72 hours like the bottle claims. Just find what works for you and your hair type/texture! I’m so excited to keep using this, especially when I really put it to the test during the summer months. I personally believe that taking care of and loving your hair is so important, and I hope you consider adding Bed Head’s Get Twisted anti-frizz finishing spray to your hair care routine! If you want to try this hair-saver out, go to this link: http://bit.ly/2EDrapb…your hair will thank you!

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