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Lately, I have run out of TV shows to binge, so I desperately resorted to Golden Girls. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it. It was just something to keep me occupied while I wasn’t doing school work. My roommates and I immediately assigned ourselves characters and decided that every friend group fits into the Golden Girls character mold. 


Although to the untrained eye, Blanche is just a Southern belle with an extremely flirtatious personality, there is much more to her. Blanche is the definition of confident with no care about how society sees her as. She’s not afraid to take risks in her life. Blanche may seem superficial but underneath her good style and confident attitude, there is a good heart who cares about her friends.


Upon first viewing, it seems like Rose is ditzy and annoying to her friends. This may be true for some occasions, but Rose is actually a more complex person than this. She is the person who would go out of her way to take care of anyone who needs help. Rose is a loyal friend who does what she can to keep the peace amongst everyone. She is extremely compassionate and gives her love with no questions asked.


Dorothy can be seen as controlling and cautious, but she is always there to help her friends when they need it. She is the “mom friend” of the group and this shows throughout the series as she tries to solve everyone’s problems. Dorothy is extremely intelligent and provides comic relief through her sarcasm.


Sophia is the most blunt and stubborn of the group, but this makes her unique. She is the oldest of the group but is the most young at heart. Sophia is not afraid to try new things and is always ready for a new adventure. She is the best cook amongst the group and is very proud of this ability. 

You may be just one character or you may be a combination of all of them. Either way, all of the Golden Girls are great and unique in their own way. I highly suggest watching this old TV series and figure out which Golden Girl you and your friends are.

Justina Recchia

Delaware '21

Justina is a senior at the University of Delaware. She is majoring in nursing. She enjoys cooking and baking.
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