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What it Means to be a College Sophomore

Another year; more friends to make, more papers to write, and more multiple choice bubbles to fill out. After moving in after a long summer however, this time, you hopefully already have your established group of friends, know your way around campus, and have an idea of the major(s), or maybe even minor(s) you are pursuing. There are no more annoying orientation meetings to attend, and you can look at the bumbling Freshman, thinking to yourself, “I got this all together; I can do this!” Also, you are one year closer to being able to LEGALLY join people at Kate’s and Grottos on the weekends without having to either sneak in, or sit back and watch as your upperclassman friends “go out to play.”

Unfortunately, the downside to becoming one year closer to graduation and the real world is that there is more pressure, more major classes and requirements to take, and the idea of internships in your areas of expertise does not go away until you apply and reel in a good one. This pressure, however, is supposed to be a good thing—getting older is all about dealing with others, taking and making the most of opportunities, and taking on more responsibilities than you originally believed that you could handle.

Enjoying the most of your college experience is crucial, and whatever obstacle that you need to hurdle over in order to reach your goal and follow your dreams is most likely small potatoes compared to what you will deal with in your future job environment! Just remember—You have just as much of a right as the others surrounding you to have a great sophomore year, and make the most of the time you have being young; being young and free will not last forever.

Sophomore year, just like any other school year occurs only once; and so have as much fun as possible, without going too out-of-control keep in mind; learn to succeed and achieve alone before you are handed your bills, cuffed to another human forever, and have to tend to the needs of little offspring running around.

Be young, be free, and relax!


Hi! I currently attend Towson University with a double major in English and Mass Communication. I am actively involved on campus, and hope to inspire and aid as many collegiate women readers as possible.
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