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What Going Home For Fall Break is Like According To Stranger Things

If you’re anything like me, your Thanksgiving break will consist of binge-watching all of Stranger Things on Netflix and constantly raiding the refrigerator for snacks to occupy your anxiousness when watching. Here are the top 11 things that will occur over break according to the characters in Stranger Things

When your parents spoil you the first night you’re home

When your mom tells you to go hang out with your friends

When you finally come out of your room for Thanksgiving dinner

When your parents tell you they invited your arch-nemesis cousins

When you start getting asked questions from relatives

When there is not enough dessert

When your parents ask why you aren’t socializing with friends and family

When your parents/siblings want to talk to you as soon as you wake up

Walking out of Black Friday sales like

Realizing that break is coming to an end…

but you’re just too excited to get back to school!

Hope everyone has a ~strange~ break. Happy monster hunting!


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