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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delaware chapter.

Anyone with social media has probably seen the taglines “You look good” or “You smell good”. These are sweet and simple compliments, a major theme for founder Emily Weiss’ company Glossier (pronounced Gloss-e-ay). Glossier has been blowing up lately in the media. Everyone wants to get in on this “cool New York city girl” brand.  

The company goal of Glossier is to provide “beauty products inspired by real-life”. 

In terms of branding, Glossier knows exactly how to reach their target audience; anyone who wears makeup (all genders/sexes). The brand stresses skincare over makeup. Focus on your base, then you can add every day or glam looks. 

I started following Glossier in middle school thanks to LA poet and Youtuber Rhiannon McGavin. I had been keeping up with the brand when all they had was boy brow, milky jelly cleanser and other Glossier staples that they are known for.

This past summer while vacationing in Massachusetts, I found out more about the brand by listening to the NPR How I Built This with Guy Raz Live Episode! Glossier: Emily Weiss podcast with my friend Hallie (pronounced Hailey). As we listened to the podcast, we got to hear Weiss discuss the genesis of the Glossier brand.  

Weiss started her blog Into the Gloss when she realized that makeup brands often focused on the “glam part” of makeup as opposed to the skincare before it all. She also was curious about the “top shelf” of celebrities and what products they used to prep their skin.

I got Hallie interested in Glossier before the podcast, so after listening, we were anxious to visit the Boston Glossier pop-up store (great coincidence!). We visited the first day it opened, and in sum, it was amazing. The branding and workers at Glossier were dressed in pink jumpsuits and were extremely helpful.

Visiting the pop-up felt like venturing into the Glossier Instagram page. The minimalistic but extremely intentional decorating was so refreshing and reminiscent of the minimalist makeup brand Bobbi Brown, which my aunt has been a loyal customer of for ages.   

I have so many Glossier products. My Christmas and birthday present wish lists quickly filled with their makeup/skincare over the course of my high school career. I admire the simple and natural look that Glossier sells. I am not a fan of wearing heavy makeup because I am rather lazy (we all get lazy with makeup, let’s be honest. It’s a lot of work!). My Glossier collection includes aforementioned staples like Boy Brow as well as both of the face masks, Haloscope, and more recently the newer items from the Glossier Play line (Glitter gelée and Pony vinylic lip). I’ve been a pretty loyal fan, and it’s exciting to see the brand succeed in the social media age. They’ve really started a movement. 

I will continue to support Glossier throughout my college career and probably beyond. I don’t have any reason not to. I have so much respect for their branding and their customer service is amazing (they sent me another green galaxy mask because I broke the lid on mine, then they proceeded to give me advice on how to preserve the mask that had damaged packaging due to my clumsiness). As one of their many taglines states, “make things Glossier.”

Catherine Hogan is from the UD class of 2023. She loves psych, lit, and running and is currently majoring in communications with an English lit minor. She likes her coffee black and it took her forever to get her driver's license.
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