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Underrated Shows that are a Must See

Binge-watching. Netflix and chill. Watching TV. We all do it, but nowadays it feels that our generation watches the same media over and over again. People watch The Office, Friends and Grey’s Anatomy on repeat. At this very moment I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy for the fourth time. Sometimes we need to stop watching the familiar and try something new. Here are some shows that are wildly underrated and deserve to be the star of your next binge-watch. 

1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend follows Rebecca Bunch as she uproots her life in New York and moves to beautiful West Covina California to try to rekindle her love with her camp boyfriend, Josh Chan. The show manages to redefine the meaning of what a “crazy ex-girlfriend” really is. From the great humor to the catchy original songs to the defined characters, you will not regret watching.

2. Disenchantment

Disenchantment is The Simpsons meets Medieval Times. It follows Princess Bean, a crass, tomboy of a princess, Elfo, a kind and gentle elf, and Luci, a demon who follows Bean. It is a cartoon for older audiences and will have you falling off your seats. With only one season out currently and a second on its way, it is a quick and entertaining show for those late-night binge sessions. 

3. The Umbrella Academy


The Umbrella Academy is about the Hargreeves family and they are superheroes. Sounds like The Incredibles right? Well, it is quite far from the Disney movie. The story is about a group of adopted children all with abilities, who are raised by an eccentric billionaire to be the best of the best. They are only reunited when their father dies and the apocalypse is coming in seven days. The Hargreeves need to reconcile as a family and save the world. This show is a dark comedy about family drama more than the typical superhero universe we have come to know as a society. 

4. A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events is based off the book series by Lemony Snicket. It follows the misadventures of the Baudelaire orphans. After their parents supposedly died in a fire, the children are sent to live with their relative, Count Olaf. However, Count Olaf is an evil man who only wants to take the Baudelaire fortune. The show follows the orphans going from guardian to guardian as they try to stop Count Olaf’s evil schemes. Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf was casting perfection as he really gives it his all and gives us a villain we love to hate.

5. Sex Education

Sex Education is, first off, not safe for work. It tells the story of Milo, the son of a sex therapist, and Maeve, the rebel, as they start to use Milo’s extensive knowlege (thanks to his mother) to change the sexual lives of their peers. It tackles topics relatable to anyone in this day in age that likes sex, has sexual problems and feels as they are alone in certain issues. While many shows back away from the issues many face with sex, Sex Education breaks the mold and makes it the main focus.

6. The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is the perfect show for subtle horror fans. It follows the Crane family and the effects that living in a haunted house can have. We see the siblings each deal with the past in different ways: some with denial and skepticism, and others with belief and acceptance. While they may have left Hill House, the ghost that haunts the house still haunts the Cranes and causes turmoil within the family. 

7. Glow                 

Glow follows a group of actresses that become the “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”. The show is about a wrestling show that is trying to be broadcasted. The ensemble of characters gives every viewer someone they can relate to, whether it is the eccentric Ruth, who will do anything to become famous, or scorn Debbie, whose world is completely changing. 

8. One Day at a Time                              

If anything, just listen to the theme song. It will have you getting out of your seat and dancing along. This comedy follows a single Cuban mother raising her two children with the help of her mother, and their landlord tries to become one with the family. Sounds simplistic? The mother is a veteran and a nurse who is battling depression, her daughter is an activist for almost every issue, the son is a ladies man, the grandmother is an immigrant from Cuba who is still caught up with her past life and the landlord is a trust-fund baby and a recovering alcoholic. The characters feel real and important in this day and age. One Day at a Time manages to be comedic and serious all at once. You feel and understand these characters and want to watch their lives unfold.

9. You

You is a love story between Joe and Beck. After meeting once, Joe becomes obsessed with Beck and begins to stalk her. He follows her, watches her and even breaks into her home. Most of the show is told from Joe’s perspective and we hear his thoughts. We get the perspective of the stalker and how he defends his actions. Everything he does, he does it for love. As a female in 2019, You feels all too real. Do you have a Joe in your life?

Now when you are sitting in the dining hall alone or trying to avoid homework, you have something to occupy yourself. Dare yourself to branch out from the familiar and try watching something new. If you trust me, I will not let you down. Good-bye everyone, go explore Netflix.

Darby Morgan

Delaware '23

My name is Darby Morgan. I am from Coatesville, Pennsylvania, where I attended Coatesville Area Senior High. I was the school's talaria editor, captain of the track and field team and part of the ping pong club. I love photography, reading and watching Netflix. I am a mathematics major and psychology minor at the University of Delaware.
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