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Top 6 Halloween Costumes for 2016

So Halloween is coming up in just a few short weeks, but you’re totally stumped as to what to be, right? It’s all good though, because we’ve got you covered with 6 amazing costume ideas here at Her Campus!

6. Dory

Re-live your childhood years with this cute little fishy this Halloween!  Not only is Dory adorable, but she’s also a perfect costume for 2016, considering Finding Dory just came out this past summer!   

5. Clown

If you really want to truly terrify everyone you encounter especially this Halloween, look no further than the classic clown costume.  With the growing epidemic of clown sightings across the country, this is bound to be a popular costume this Halloween!

4. Snapchat filters

If you’re as obsessed with Snapchat as any 20-something, what better costume to go as than a Snapchat filter??  Not only do these make the perfect large group costume, but they’re also totally recognizable!

3. Famous Music Video

The infamous song that started it all…. Thanks to the ridiculous Kimye/Swift feud of the summer that we still don’t 100% get, one of the best squad costumes of 2016 has been uncovered- no pun intended.  A few nude dresses later, and you’re set!

2.Hillary Clinton

What better way to show you’re with her this Halloween??  Dress up as Hil, and you’re guaranteed to have the ULTIMATE girl power costume this Halloween!  

1. Harley Quinn

If you need an excuse to let your totally psychotic side come out this Halloween, look no further than Harley Quinn! Not only is this costume super easy, but who doesn’t want to be Margot Robbie for the night???

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