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Top 10 Must Haves for Fall

I know summer is not officially over yet, but with such a bummer covid summer it has been we are in need of some cheer while returning back to school this year… FALL CHEER! Here are my top 10 must haves for fall we could all use to bring our spirits up and feel even more cozy in home. 

10. CAR AIR FRESHENER- Bath & Body Works

This might seem out of place, however this is one of these things that makes any mood slightly better. Whenever I have to run errands and put on a face mask anywhere, having the smell of apple picking and pumpkins once I'm back in the bubble of my car can make me feel a little more accomplished during my next Target run. 

9. BOOT SOCKS- Sockologie

Socks are so important. They are cozy and keep our toes warm and are stylish. These socks have the feel of spring in the fall and are tall enough for knee high boots.

8. MOISTURIZER- Farm House Fresh Goods

Fall means chiller weather which also means dry skin. I love the three milk formula which applies as a dry matte and still keeps my skin soft. Plus it's vegan and cruelty free!

7. LEAF LIGHTS- Walmart

My most favorite part of fall is watching summer change to yellow and red in the trees. With these lights you can bring the outside inside your home without the mess on a mantle or a centerpiece. 

6. CANDLES- A to Z Candles

This company has every scent you could think of and in any form! My favorite for this season is this apple cider donut candle, which also comes as a spray or diffuser.


We often think of knit sweaters in the fall, but what about knit pumpkins? These adorable mini pumpkins are so adorable and cozy to decorate with!

4. SUNFLOWER WREATH- The Pumpkin Ladies

This sunflower wreath is simple, affordable and very stylish for the front door or as a centerpiece. The owner also can customize the wreaves to fit whatever you want, just send them an email!


This sweater is one of my recent purchases that is quickly becoming my most worn piece. The best part about it is the style is simple without the obvious ‘this is halloween’ feel, so it can be worn all year (which is my plan).

2. PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE KIT- Pinch Provisions

We all love a good pumpkin spice latte but sometimes we have coffee spills in our cars or even on ourselves! This little kit can make yourself tidy on the go with stoppers, wipes, and even a fresh spray for after coffee breath.

1. FACE MASK- Etsy 

Unfortunately this isn't a spa sheet kind of mask, but the nose and mouth covering face mask. But who said that being safe had to be drab? This mask brings some style for our everyday activities while following safety guidelines. 

I hope this inspires you to get one, two, or ten things this fall that make you happy! Most of all make sure to stay safe and healthy this season and the rest of the year!

Kaitlynn Evans is currently a Senior attending The University of Delaware majoring in Criminal Justice with a Political Science minor. Outside of school, she is working with the 153rd Military Police Company for the Delaware Army National Guard. Some of her favorite things to do for fun are traveling to new places and going on hikes with her dog.
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