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The Best and the Worst Bathrooms on Campus

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When you got to go, you got to go. However, all bathrooms were not created equally. Here are the 3 best and the 3 worst buildings at UD to go to the bathroom.

3rd Worst: Gore Hall

Gore gives me mall bathroom vibes. The good thing is there is a lot of stalls, but then you lose out a bit of privacy. They leave the main door open so sometimes you’ll hear some unfortunate noises from outside. Also, the lighting could be better.

3RD Best: Brown Lab

Not too many stalls, but a good amount. There’s space to get in and out. Great lighting to check yourself before class. Underrated and should be appreciated more.

2nd Worst: Purnell Hall

There’s one bathroom here that’s always cold. Nothing sucks more than having to sit on a cold seat in order to do your business. It also does not have that many stalls. They could be doing better. Good lighting though for mirror selfies.

2nd Best: Penny Hall

There is nothing too special about the actual bathroom. What makes it special is the fact that sometimes there is a bin with free tampons and pads. I think that’s how all bathrooms should be, but nope. Therefore, here is the recognition this bathroom deserves.

1st Worst: Ewing Hall

This is not a bathroom. It is a broom closet. There’s an awkward two door situation to get in a cramped little space. It has two stalls, but at the cost of being able to move within the area. It makes me sad to pee there.

1st best: Kent dining Hall

This is an underdog of a building. There’s individual, unisex bathrooms with plenty of room and good lighting. I love my privacy and can be at ease when I go.

Darby Morgan

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