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With the weather starting to get warmer out, we can finally stop hiding under layers of heavy sweaters and jackets. However with that being said, that means that our spring wardrobes need a serious refresher. As someone who has a borderline dangerous online shopping addiction, I spent way too much time going through different websites staring at clothes that I swear are just begging me to buy them. Out of everything I’ve found, here are 5 things that I’ll be obsessing over this spring.

1. Conscious Crop 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I LIVE in Athleta Conscious Crops. Whether it’s paring them with a matching pair of leggings for a morning workout, or throwing on some jeans and a cropped denim jacket, it’s extremely versatile and can be styled for any occasion. As if there weren’t already enough perks, it also has a built-in bra, which makes it way more comfortable to wear than other halter tops.

2. Loungewear/Pajama Sets

The one major downside of spring is that it also means that finals season is approaching. Since the majority of us are still taking classes on Zoom, studying for finals is mostly going to consist of countless hours sitting in our dorm rooms, so we might as well be comfortable. Matching loungewear sets, such as Nasty Gal’s “Ruffle Hem Pajama Shorts Set” are both comfortable and cute, making the worst time of the semester a little more bearable.

3. Bramis

The relatively new concept of bramis has been thriving in the fashion industry. Similar to the conscious crops, these seamless tanks can also be dressed up or down. Free People’s version of the top, the “Free Throw Crop” comes in every single color that you could imagine, which makes it even harder to stop yourself from buying all of them. Trust me when I say once you put it on you’ll never want to take it off.

4. Ruffled Skirts

Every time that I go on TikTok I probably see at least three videos about ruffled skirts. This trend blew up so much that the original skirt, sold by Love Shack Fancy, was out of stock almost immediately. However, if you’re in the market for one, Aerie sells a skirt almost exactly like it, for a fraction of the price. These skirts are honestly adorable and make me want to get dressed up for brunch with my friends.

5. Puffed Sleeve Tops

Last but definitely not least, I haven’t come across a single store that isn’t selling some sort of variation of a puffed sleeve top. These tops are gorgeous and appropriate for any occasion, from a family party to going out with friends. They also scream springtime to me, especially the ones that have delicate floral prints all over them.

My bank account isn’t too happy with me right now, but my closet definitely is. I think we all deserve to treat ourselves, and the beginning of spring is the perfect occasion for some new purchases.

Anika Jaggi

Delaware '23

Anika is currently a junior at the University of Delaware, majoring in Marketing and Management. Some of her interests include dancing, fashion, exploring new genres of music, & spending time with her friends and her dog.
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