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I am always skeptical when it comes to switching up anything that has to do with shaving. I have super sensitive skin and usually use a razor that has aloe on it so that I do not get razor burn so easily. Then I tried these razors and was happily surprised!

They came in a pack of three so I gave the remaining two to some of my friends, Ashley and Justina, to test out for me.

My review

The razors were nice and shaved really well. They were sharp and got the job done without leaving any razor burn! I liked the color, nice and bright just in time for the summer. I would definitely keep using this razor to guarantee smooth legs, underarms and bikini lines throughout the warm months.

Ashley’s review

Perfect for dry shaving !! I needed a razor one night because I changed my shirt last second before going out and realized I forgot to shave my underarms. Fortunately, these razors did not hurt or cut me when I frantically tried to shave before walking out the door. Overall, 10/10.

Justina’s Review

I don’t shave every day so when I shave I really appreciate my smooth legs and want them feeling soft as can be. I hate trying new things, but I gave this a shot. I was soooo happy when I got out of the shower and my legs felt amazing! I mean, I’m still going to use my normal razor but it is so nice to know I have a great alternative.

We all love this Skintimate Razor!!


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Gina Magliocco

Delaware '21

Gina is a Senior at the University of Delaware and the current President of the Her Campus UDel Chapter  She is an International Relations major with a minor in Public Policy.  She enjoys writing very much and has also been published by "Young Professionals in Foreign Policy." Gina is from Westchester, New York. 
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