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Shows to Binge on Netflix for All Types of Viewers

As winter break is approaching and COVID cases are rising, there seems to be a lot of free time in the near future. Whether you are in quarantine or choosing to stay home for safety reasons, Netflix presents itself as a great option to pass time. The real question is: what should you watch? 

If you like sitcoms, watch:

  1. Schitt’s Creek. The formerly rich Rose family loses everything they own. They are forced to move to Schitt’s Creek, a town that they purchased as a joke. The Rose family face struggles and grow as people, while also having a good laugh. 

  2. The Good Place. Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in “The Good Place,” a version of Heaven that seems like Utopia. Along with other residents, she has to navigate through this weird version of the afterlife. 

  3. Community. Follow a group of misfit community college students and their journey together to find themselves and get a degree. 

If you like teen shows, watch:

  1. Sex Education. Otis is an awkward teenage boy whose mom is a sex therapist. He ends up running a business giving sex advice, while dealing with his own sexual issues as well.

  2. All American. Spencer James is a star football player from South Crenshaw High. Coach Baker recruits him to play on his high school team that is in Beverly Hills. Watch Spencer James navigate balancing two different lives and his own football career.

  3. Grand Army. Five students at the largest high school in Brooklyn try their hardest to succeed and get through school in one piece. They all have different lives, but they all need to navigate through the chaos of Grand Army High and life.

If you like dramas, watch:

  1. Queen’s Gambit. Follow Beth Harmon, an orphaned chess prodigy, try and be successful in the world of chess and become the best chess player in the world. She deals with emotional problems and addiction issues. 

  2. Dynasty. The two wealthiest families in America: The Carrington’s and the Colby’s, fight over status, wealth, and power. There are also power struggles between the daughter, Fallon Carrington and her step mother. 

  3. The Crown. If you ever were curious about Queen Elizabeth II, this is the perfect show for you. The Crown shows her life from the 1940's when she became queen to modern day.

If you like reality romance watch:

  1. Love Is Blind. Is love really blind? Singles in this show are put in an experiment to see if you can fall in love through conversation and without never actually seeing or touching each other.

  2. Too Hot To Handle. Attractive young singles are out to the test by being stuck in a villa together and not being allowed to have physical contact with one another. If no physical contact happens in the four weeks, they win $100,000, but everytime contact happens they lose money. 

  3. Are You The One. This show tests the notion that if your perfect partner was in front of you, would you even be able to tell who it is. Watch singles try and find who their perfect match is on paper in order to win $1 million dollars.

If you want shows that have a cult following watch:

  1. Criminal Minds. If you like crime, you will probably love Criminal Minds. This show follows the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit cases and their personal lives. The characters have great depth, making this one of my favorite shows on this list.

  2. Grey’s Anatomy. Starting off as interns, Meredith Grey and her fellow surgeons navigate through life in the hospital. The show has romance, drama, amazing friendships and of course awesome medical cases.

  3. Gilmore Girls. Mother daughter relationships are complex. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are no exception to that. Watch this duo grow together through school, love and family problems in the small town of Star Hallows, Connecticut.

  4. Jane The Virgin. Imagine being a virgin and waiting till marriage and then getting pregnant from a doctor’s mistake. If that isn’t complicated enough you already have a loving boyfriend and your baby daddy is a gorgeous man with a crazy partner. Follow Jane along her journey through pregnancy and motherhood.

  5. Vampire Diaries. Mystic Falls, Virginia is a town with vampires, teens and lots of drama. If you like a good love triangle coupled with vampires, doppelgangers and witches, you are probably going to fall in love with the Vampire Diaries series.

Everyone has different tastes in shows, but hopefully one of the above shows is a good fit for you. If you want to challenge yourself, pick a show from a category you usually do not watch!

Mel Tokay

Delaware '24

Mel (Meliha) Tokay is a freshman at The University of Delaware in the Honors College. She is majoring in nursing and minoring in women's studies. Mel enjoys writing and views it as a way to take a step back from school and focus on something else. Mel is passionate about women's rights and mental health.
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