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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delaware chapter.

Spring is in full swing, and summer is right around the corner! Here are 10 trends you don’t wanna miss.

1. Scarves

From hair scarves to tie tops, scarves are your new favorite essential item! Wear them as a belt, tie them as a bandeau, one shoulder or halter top or tie them as a sarong bathing suit coverup. Select from a number of prints, colors and styles that match your personal style!

2. Floral

Springtime wouldn’t be complete without florals-but they were always in right? They come in a number of different floral styles & colors, and they come in every clothing style! From athleisure to bathing suits to jeans, tops & jackets, you can mix floral into your closet in a number of ways.

3. Animal prints

These days, zebra and cow prints are in my social media feeds a lot. Let me tell you, animal prints are a sure way to give any outfit a bit of edge! From dresses to bucket hats, skirts, bathing suits, pants and socks, you can incorporate a bit of your own personal style while fitting in with current trends.

4. Bermuda shorts

Remember teaspoon shorts? Now think of the opposite. Bermuda shorts are back-you know, the mid-thigh length shorts that overwhelmed our childhood. While I haven’t invested in a pair yet myself, I think they would be perfect when styled with chunky sneakers, flannels, bodysuits and so much more. You can find them in different colored denim and prints which will help you style it up and down for a number of different post-COVID celebrations!

5. Matching sets

Need I say more? What started out as quarantine sweat sets have developed into two piece dress sets, athleisure and more! Dress an athleisure or sweat set set using a flannel, sneakers, or dress up a two piece dress set with heels and a blazer.

6. Corsets

Corset tops and belts are perfect for any and every outfit. Wear them on top of tanks, t-shirts or dresses to add a bold statement to your look! Dress this item down with jeans, or up with a skirt & heels for an outfit built for all occasions. But it doesn’t stop there-there are so many different styles of corset tops to choose from! You could choose from tank, strapless, spaghetti strap and a variety of belted options.

7. Biker shorts

When walking around campus these days, biker shorts are probably 75% of what I see. The ways they can be styled are endless, from pairing them with oversized tees and sweatshirts to sports bras and crop tops! You can even order them in different prints and lengths, which will help to fit your style and body type.

8. Cutouts

Choose from cutouts in tops and dresses to jumpsuits and skirts to add some flair to standard outfits. Show skin in the most flirtatious and unusual of ways! I purchased the Spoil Yourself Red Cutout Strapless Bodycon Mini Dress from Lulus. Not only did it boost my confidence, the cutouts added the right bit of flair I was looking for!

9. Straight leg jeans

Trends like these are always coming back. Check out your local boutiques or online stores for straight leg jeans in colored denim, acid wash, ripped denim and prints! These different styles of jeans come in varying lengths and styles for anyone and everyone.

10. Bandana print

I’ve always been a sucker for a good bandana print-these days you can find them on headscarves, bathing suits, skirts, dresses and more! My favorites are patchwork bandana prints, where material is put together in a collage of sorts before being sewn into clothing. Be sure to hop on this trend before everyone else catches on!

Prep your closet for the best this season with colors, prints, styles and more! Shop these styles at any of your local boutiques, department or discount stores.

Colette Brancaccio is a current senior at the University of Delaware. She is studying Elementary Education with a Concentration in Special Education. She enjoys reading, going for runs, & random dance parties. She is also the Founder and Owner of BHive Designs, a growing business that provides inventive & affordable gifts for any occasion while promoting service to the community.
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