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Using dating apps can be extremely daunting and stressful for some people. It can be difficult to determine if the person you’re talking to is a good match for you through simple conversation. I decided to have a little fun with the process while also noting “red flags” in the person I was talking to. Using a series of seemingly random interview questions, I was able to make the decision about whether this boy was a good match or not. 

Her Campus: You’re trapped on a lifeboat that can only hold 2 people. The lifeboat currently holds you, Adam Sandler, and Kevin James. Which other person do you save besides yourself? Give reasoning if you can. 

Tinder Boy: Trick question. Kevin James is the life raft. The 3 of us float to safety.

HC: What’s your favorite war reparation? 

TB: Treaty of Versailles.

HC: Do you think cronuts are trying too hard, or are you all about them?

TB: I can’t think of many things as perfectly balanced as a cronut. The yin and yang of rich yet airy, moist yet flakey … 

HC: What do you order at brunch?

TB: Brunch. 

HC: What’s your go-to salad? And how’s your relationship with your mother?

TB: Turkey BLT, and my mom is amazing, we are great together. She’s an incredible woman.

HC: You’re leaving for vacation, how long before your flight do you get to the airport? Does this answer change if you’re flying out of the country?

TB: 30 minutes. I like being under the pressure of missing a flight.

I was able to have fun interviewing this Tinder match while also making a decision about continuing to talk to him or not. The answers he gave me may not seem like obvious “red flags” or “green flags,” but I was able to make a decision based on them. Would you date him?

Check out this website for more fun questions to try out with your matches!


Justina Recchia

Delaware '21

Justina is a senior at the University of Delaware. She is majoring in nursing. She enjoys cooking and baking.
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