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Profile: Brian Kenney

Introducing one of my old floor mates, Brian Kenney!!


The Basics:

Name: Brian Kenney

Hometown: Bear, Delaware

Major: Econ and Finance double major

Year: Sophomore

Nickname: Kenney


Blue Hen Life:

Activities: Lambda Chi Alpha

Where we’ll most likely find you on campus: Trabant

Advice to freshmen: You should immerse yourself with different and new people every day. Joining Greek life was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Favorite place on Main St: Grain (I work there, it’s a new restaurant on Main St. check it out!)

The Dirty “Deets”

Relationship Status: Taken

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Ideal gal: Blonde hair, blue eyes, thin, medium height

Best place to take a first date: A picnic at the Newark Reservoir

Dream date: Jennifer Aniston

Deal breakers: Smoking

The first thing you notice in a girl: Her eyes

The Fun Stuff

Fun fact: I live in Canada each summer for a few weeks.

Favorite Sports Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Guilty Pleasure Song: A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton

Favorite Band/Artist: Zac Brown Band/ Kanye West

Early Bird or Night Owl: Both

Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Dage

One item you can’t live without: My iPhone

Shout out: To my girlfriend Kim and the boys of Lambda Chi!

University of Delaware 2018
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