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An Open Letter to the Wind at the University of Delaware

Dear Wind,

You often show up every day here at UD. On hot days towards the beginning of the semester, I could deal with you. But now that it is getting cold out, I really don’t like you.

I was wearing a hat the other day and you blew it right off of my head, embarrassingly as I walked to class. You ruin each conversation I try to have on the phone with someone because they cannot hear me. You also screw up my hair. Every day before I leave for class I have to think “is it going to be windy out?” and majority of the time the answer is yes.

When I wear my hair down for class, which is almost never and again that is because of you, you make it insanely messy. My part disappears and strands of hair are flopping all over the place. I have to put my hair back before I walk to class because of you.

You also make me cold. It could be a beautiful sunny day out here in Newark and then all of a sudden, the temperature drops crazily because of you.

Even today, I had to grip onto my hat firmly so you wouldn’t blow it off like last time, as I walked to class.

Sometimes I feel like you might blow me away and off the sidewalk.

As you can see, I really don’t like you and I hope to not feel you or hear you again anytime soon.



An annoyed UD student

University of Delaware 2018
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