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Most Iconic Cupcakke Quotes Of All Time

“This rated R, not PG” – Spoiled Milk Titties

If you’re like me, you are most likely a 20-something year old woman who would literally run around campus naked singing Cupcakke’s anthem “Deepthroat” to see this dynamo perform live in concert. Lucky for me, my dream is becoming a reality: I just purchased tickets to see her in Baltimore this summer and wanted to commemorate this accomplishment with an ode to Cupcakke. However, no one is as real and authentic as her, so instead, I’ve compiled a list of her most inspirational song lyrics. 

Unfortunately, I had to edit out some of Cupcakke’s more ~explicit~ quotes, so this list is rather short. 

“I want to eat your d*@!, but I can’t f*&@ up my nails so I pick it up with chopsticks.” – Deepthroat

“I didn’t swallow one kid, I think I swallowed twins.” – Deepthroat



“I love the D, that’s my favorite letter.” -Duck Duck Goose



“I need a d@!* longer than an eggroll.” – Juicy Coochie



“I could be thin or overweight, won’t bother me; I’m still choosing Burger King over broccoli. I love every inch of my body, don’t compare me to shawty. Size 7 or 11, I still love my body.” – Biggie Smalls



“I’m real wise when I speak, I’m using my wisdom teeth” – Wisdom Teeth



Cupcakke, keep on being your unique and amazing self!


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