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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delaware chapter.

Want to meet a fun guy who is super involved on campus? Say hi to Mike!



The Basics

Name: Mike Cisternino

Nickname: Nino

Hometown/Country: Syracuse, NY

School Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science


Blue Hen Life

Activities/ Sports: UDance Exec, SigEp, Student Multimedia Design Center, watching Portlandia and Nathan For You, watching movies, making videos, reading, crying in a fetal position

Where we’ll most likely find you on campus: 73

Advice to Freshmen: spend a lot of time with yourself and deal with your shit. Tend to the relationships in your life. Belonging to groups is good but do you and think for yourself

Favorite place on main st: Brewed Awakenings

Favorite memory of college: St. Patrick’s Day sophomore year


The Dirty “Deets”

Taken or Single: single

Sexual Orientation: horizontal on a bed

Ideal partner: Emma Watson

Dream Date: all of my dates have happened in dreams

Deal Breakers: narcissism and bigotry and anything that goes against what I believe

What is the first thing you notice in a partner?: their sense of humor

Best place to take a first date?: drunk bowling

What would you get for your valentine? dinner and forehead kisses

The Fun Stuff

Fun Fact: I’m an uncle to reese, harper, wyatt, and hudson miller

Hidden Talent: I can play piano

Guilty Pleasure Song: love yourself

Early Bird or Night Owl: night owl

Favorite band/artist: hmm idk

Favorite thing to do on the weekend: hang with friends and family

Favorite movie: Spring Breakers

What are you most looking forward to this semester? running train with the sludgehoundz #73


Meg is a junior, mass communications major attending the University of Delaware and from a small town in Upstate NY.  She is apart of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority (shout out), an STN49 News crew member, and the HerCampus UD Cuties/Celebs editor.  Meg is an aspiring Veronica Corningstone/ Olivia Pope and loves meeting new people, daging, and dancing even though she can't!  Always a great day to be a blue hen you know? xoxo gg
Amanda Schuman is a junior at the University of Delaware. She is currently majoring in communications with a concentration in mass media and double minoring in journalism and interactive media. Amanda is passionate about all things communications whether it's social media, public relations, writing or just networking. In her free time she can be found watching sit-coms on Netflix, with a book in hand or eating anything sweet. You can follow her @bluehen_amanda