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Meet Michelle and Kaylyn From Bloom Daily Planners

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delaware chapter.

Bloom Daily Planners offers quality planners at an affordable that are perfect for Collegiette needs. Fortunately for us, Kaylyn and Michelle, who are the founders of Bloom Daily Planners were kind enough to do an interview about their amazing company. Both young women are alumni of UD, which as a current student here is exciting for me because they prove that it’s totally possible to find success after graduation. Kaylyn and Michelle have also brought in other girls to be a part of their success and truly put their hearts and souls into this amazing company.


Here’s a look into the world of Michelle and Kaylyn:

HC: From Blue Hen alum to current Blue Hens, how do you feel UD has helped prepare you in creating your own business? 

Kaylyn & Michelle: We met at UD, so we wouldn’t be here without it! We both learned so much via our college experiences and are both such proud alumni. It’s so surreal to see our products carried in places on Main Street where we shopped as students (and still shop today!) We love being close to campus and staying involved with UD via our internship program, UDress events and anything else that presents itself!

HC: What gave you the idea to go with a planner company?

K & M: We were both born and raised in Delaware and have been planner lovers and list makers our whole lives. We both attended the University of Delaware where we met, interning at our future company! Bloom creates daily planners and a variety of other organizational products that inspire and empower women to live a positive, organized lifestyle. Our goal is to help our customers lead a more healthy, fulfilling life and be the best versions of themselves! We are so grateful for the platform that we have created, our amazing team and useful products but most importantly our bloom girls who inspire us every day!

HC: What is Bloom’s mission statement?

K & M: To inspire and empower others to bloom into their best selves through the power of organization. HC: How did you come up with the different layouts and designs?

K & M: Following the trends that we see in the fashion world, stationery market, Pinterest, travel, really anything that inspires us! We also pull most of our inspiration for new patterns and products from our #bloomgirl community. We take their requests and feedback very seriously and are always tweaking current products and even making new ones to fit their needs! We recently started a cover contest where we literally let our users design their own covers and then let the community vote. The winner gets their design printed, a cash prize, and planners for life! We love incorporating our users into our day to day decisions because we wouldn’t exist without them!  

HC: What are your future plans/goals for your company?

K & M: Bloom is growing so quickly. The sky is limit! We are adding more products and employees by the day so we see major growth in all of our current sales channels, new sales channels, new distribution relationships, nationally and internationally and a much larger team to help us accomplish this!

HC: Who is your biggest clientele?

K & M: Our target market is anyone who wants to continue to challenge and improve themselves! While we focus on women, we’re expanding our lines to offer items for men and younger, elementary aged girls. HC: What are a couple of your personal and fan favorites? And why?

K & M: Our Vision Planners, Wedding Planners and brand new Pregnancy/Baby’s First Year Planners are particularly close to our hearts. These are three of our most thoughtful, guided planning items. We truly poured our hearts into these products to make them as thorough and detailed as possible. It is so rewarding knowing that we can take our life experiences and curate the experiences of others to create products that help others navigate the same situation in an easier, more manageable, and fun way!

HC: I noticed that your planners are full of inspirational quotes… which ones are your favorite?

K & M: We have an entire library of quotes and advice we (try to!) live by, so can we answer in a few of our favorite one-liners? Don’t sweat the small stuff. The goal is growth, not perfection. If you never ask, the answer is always no. Don’t stop until you’re proud.

HC: if you could give one piece of advice to a college student at UD, what would it be?

K & M: Follow your dreams and never give up! Going to work doesn’t have to be something that you dread. If you don’t like your situation, change it! Set goals, stay accountable, read books, listen to podcasts, always try to expand upon your knowledge. Find a creative outlet to inspire you and help relieve any stress. Keep a healthy professional and personal balance so you don’t get burnt out.

HC: How do you feel you help empower other women?

K & M: We try to lead by example and use our platform to raise others up and shine the light on THEM and what they can do!

If you like what you check out their planners for yourself, stop by their website!



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