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We all know the fuss and trouble that is housing in college. Where to live, who to live with, what to pay and when to do it? Here at UD, we especially have to figure out all of these questions early because the beginning of fall is when everyone locks down places for the next school year.  Having signed my lease a year ago, my worries of where I would be living vanished. Until I returned to school this fall and my life mimicked that of a favorite childhood show. With my apartment building still not being finished well into the semester, I’ve had many weeks of living in a hotel. And I’m here to tell you that the Suite life isn’t really that sweet. 

For starters, I have to drive everywhere and we all know parking on campus is SUPER expensive. And speaking of expensive, so is having to eat out for almost every meal. I didn’t think I could eat Chipotle more frequently in a week, but I now proved myself wrong. Sleeping on a pullout couch also makes my life feel a lot less glamorous than the show. While I do find it funny that I’m staying at a Hilton Hotel, which the show made fun of, I’m here to tell you the rooms aren’t that great. I don’t know how they got a penthouse-sized room as middle schoolers, but I’d like to know their secret. 

So my situation feels like a less fun and watered-down version of this comedic kids show. There’s actually not much mischief to be done in a hotel, especially if you’re not a pre-teen boy.  As a busy college student, the only misbehaving I take part in this hotel is having my of-age friends sneak me complimentary bar drinks. And as far as love interests and flirting goes, my only experience is with the cute boy I make eyes at on the elevator. It’s difficult to make a good impression when I’m constantly walking around the hotel in my pajamas. Oops. 

The part I find accurate is that you do get to know the staff really well.  All the front desk workers know my name because of how many times I’ve lost my room key. The van driver also knows my roommates and I because he drives us to parties on the weekends. Nothing beats free Uber rides, am I right? But my main man at the hotel is the guy who makes omelets in the morning.  He knows my order every morning and is nice to me before I’ve even had my coffee. 

So all in all, I wouldn’t really recommend this to a friend, but there are some silver linings. I only wish this hotel had a Mr. Moseby and London to keep things more interesting.

Jen Sand

Delaware '20

Jen Sand is a 20 year old from San Francisco, California and is a Senior Media Communication major with a minor in Advertising. She is also a figure skater on UD's intercollegiate skating team. In her free time, she loves traveling, eating take out, and watching comedy shows.
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