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Kiss Dry Lips Goodbye With Buxom’s Lipstick

There are two types of girls in this world. There are ones that just look freaking fabulous every day from head-to-toe with their hair in place, their winged eyeliner on point (pun intended) and their outfit straight out of a fashion magazine.

Then there are the girls that don’t dress up every single day, but when it comes to actually having to, they just shock everyone.

This is truer for makeup fans. There’s the makeup fanatics and artistes…

Then there are the girls who, if they attempted it, would look more like…

I am more on the second side. I’m not god-awful at makeup, but a face is not my canvas either. With that being said, lip care is important. PSA: LIP CARE IS IMPORTANT!

When I want to go out, I try to look more dolled-up (emphasis on try). When it comes to makeup, as long as I wear mascara, eyeliner and some form of foundation and lipstick, I’m good to go.

So, I tried Buxom Matte Lipstick in Pink the other night to go to a party. I actually didn’t go to the party, but it was nice to wear while it lasted. And I really liked it. The color was fun and vibrant, the feel was smooth, and it stayed on for a while. I liked the color the most. My skin color is pretty dark, so it was a cool juxtaposition to see that bright pop of pink on my lip against my dark-chocolate skin tone.

I would 110% recommend this lipstick to people if you want to feel sexy and fun for a night. I would recommend the makeup fanatics to give it a swirl in their routine and see what they can come up with. I would also recommend it to the girls who, as long as they know how to apply lipstick, will love this too.


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