Impact of Covid on Future Nurses

On April 12th, I was granted the opportunity to interview a future nurse, Hannah Joseph. Joseph graduated high school in the class of 2020. Currently, she attends Neumann University as a nursing major. I decided to use this interview as a chance to explore how Covid shaped one prospective nurse and changed her view on her future profession. 

Her Campus: Why do you want to be a nurse? 

Hannah Joseph: This may sound cliche, but I have always wanted to help people and I have always loved working with children. I love kids, so I thought pediatric nursing would be perfect for me. When I was in the hospital as a kid, I thought that nurses were always kind and looked up to them, so I wanted to provide that same type of care. 

HC: What were your expectations for nursing when you first applied to school?

HJ: I saw nurses as helpful, but I never knew how important they could be. Covid really showed me how important they were in society. I was always passionate about the profession, but before Covid, I didn’t know how great and impactful nurses could really be. 

HC: Has Covid changed your perspective on this profession?

HJ: Definitely. I saw how involved and needed nurses were. I felt so proud and wanted to work hard so I could be like those nurses. At the end of the day, it’s a big career, but it motivated me more.

HC: Did Covid discourage you from pursuing this career, or did it make you want to be a nurse more?

HJ: School is definitely different. Online, for me, was a little difficult to learn and stay motivated. As a nursing major, a lot of classes rely on being in-person, so it’s a little challenging. Losing motivation and energy is easy. I never lost the desire to be a nurse. Covid made me want to become a nurse even more, if that makes sense. 

HC: Advice for anyone else that wants to be a nurse?

HJ: If you’re passionate, work hard and do everything you can to find good resources and tutoring, and volunteer if you can. At the end of the day, nursing isn’t easy, but you must have a heart to want to help people because you’re gonna be doing this for the rest of your life. Work as hard as you can to be your best. 

Talking to Hannah about her nursing major was an amazing experience, and I hope that she inspired you to go out there and help others in whatever way you can.