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With the holidays coming up, it can be hard to think of general gift ideas that everyone would like. Below, I have created a list of gifts for any type of person that can be catered towards their personality and likes. 

1. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is an inexpensive option that everyone would enjoy. They have many benefits such as helping to ease anxiety, promote relaxation and help with sleep issues like insomnia. 

2. Homesick Candle

Getting a homesick candle has been one of my favorite gifts. They have candles for every state and major city and are a great gift for college students or people who have recently moved away from home. 

3. Books 

There’s a type of book out there for every type of person, even non-readers. There are so many options including a cookbook, a bestselling fiction/non-fiction book or poetry book.

4. Something Homemade

If you have some sort of creative talent, a thoughtful gift could be making a painting or a song for a friend. This is a free and meaningful gift that they can keep and will always think of you when they see it.

This gift guide can be used for a friend, parent, spouse or anyone in your life because each gift can be personalized in a different way!

Hally La Fronz

Delaware '23

Hally La Fronz is a sophomore from NYC with a COMI major and a minor in journalism. Some of her favorite things to do are writing, going on adventures, and hanging out with friends.
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