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Between Zoom fatigue, relentless hours of homework, and countless nights stuck inside of your bedroom, everyone could use a fun night out with friends. Though we are confined to the rooms of our walls due to the pandemic, we can all have a fun night in with our gal pals. The pandemic has caused everyone to come up with ways to get creative with indoor activities, but if you find yourself stuck on what to do I have suggestions for five great Covid-friendly activities with your friends! Close your laptop and enjoy the company of the friends around you. 

  1. Spa Night– Grab face masks from Target, your favorite nail polish and sit back and relax with your besties! We all need a self-care night, and there’s no better way to spend it than talking about anything and everything with your friends while enjoying skincare. 

  2. Netflix Night– Watch Netflix movies or your favorite series with your friends! Grab some popcorn and a cozy blanket and let yourself indulge in binge watching. 

  3. Ice Cream Sundaes– Make a fresh batch of boxed brownie mix (my personal favorite is Betty Crocker’s Fudge Brownie Mix) and add your favorite scoop of ice cream on top! Add whipped cream, sprinkles, or whatever other toppings as you please. Being able to satisfy your sweet tooth with your friends is a great way to unwind during a hectic Zoom call week.

  4. Board Game Night– Grab your favorite board game or card game and enjoy a competitive game night. Being able to bring on some friendly competition is a great way to step aside from school work and get closer to the competitive side of your friends. 

  5. Painting Night– Buy some canvases, buy some paint, and let your imagination run wild, or look up a Bob Ross tutorial on Youtube. This is a great way to get closer to your friends while also adding new decor to your apartment or dorm. 

Don’t let the confines of your walls stop you from having a good time. There’s plenty of ways to connect with friends that are Covid-safe while still having fun. If you try any of these girls night ideas be sure to share some pictures with our HerCampus social sites!  

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