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Like many people, I came to college overwhelmed and had no clue what I wanted to study or what direction I wanted my life to go. I was put into the university studies program, which allowed me to explore different options while fulfilling necessary credits.

Now I am in my second semester of sophomore year and I have a much better, but not exact idea of where I want my life to go. I have figured out more of my interests, like writing, and finally decided on majoring in communications. I’m sure exactly what career I’ll end up having, but I like that there are so many options such as journalism, PR, etc. 

Exploring new interests and joining different clubs helped me to decide my major. Joining Her Campus allowed me to expand my writing skills in a casual and low-stress way. Joining PRSSA will hopefully give me exposure to a possible career path. Joining UDress allowed me to pursue an interest I have in fashion without having to major in it.

I have also joined clubs that have shown me what I dislike, which is equally as important. The lesson I have learned is that all college experiences, starting with clubs, shape your interests and passions and will eventually lead you into the right direction. I’m still figuring so many things out, but I know myself so much better than I did a few years ago.

Hally La Fronz

Delaware '23

Hally La Fronz is a sophomore from NYC with a COMI major and a minor in journalism. Some of her favorite things to do are writing, going on adventures, and hanging out with friends.
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