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The End of Sophomore Year

Sophomore year is a whole different story than freshman year. You aren’t going out with your whole dorm anymore, most likely not going to the dining hall or frolicking around campus not knowing where anything is. Sophomore year you have your close friends and usually are involved in some sort of extra circular like sports or Greek life that takes up most of your time.


The first semester of sophomore year is definitely more fun than the second. It’s basically still summer and you’re just getting settled into your new off campus apartment with your best friends. Everything seems awesome and amazing until when you come back from the long winter break, you realize your grades are slacking and you need to work off the 5 pounds you gained at home.


Second semester sophomore year is definitely the most challenging and time consuming. There is so much to do in the springtime from recruitment to midterm exams to Greek week, and you feel like you have no time to even take a break and get lunch. The realization of becoming a junior also sinks in because then you realize there’s only one more year after that until you go into “the real world”.  

I personally can’t wait for this semester to end because the stress of finals is hitting me pretty hard and I’ve realized that this semester has definitely not been my best academically. Although, becoming a junior next year is unreal to me it feels like just yesterday my parents dropped me off at my freshman dorm, Dickinson, which really looked like a prison.

Time flies by while you’re in college and it’ll only be a matter of time until I’m sitting down on the football field with a graduation cap realizing that the past four most crazy and exciting years of my life are over.  

University of Delaware 2018
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