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Buxom Lipstick: Looking Good, Feeling Good and Maintaining Proper Business Atire

I am a lipstick fiend. I have every different type of lip product from NYX, along with various other lipsticks including a Chanel lipstick my friend got me for my birthday, a red Mac lipstick I’ve had since I did Irish Step Dance in middle school, and a sparkly light purple liquid lipstick. Two and a half drawers of my makeup/toiletries bin is all lip products. I have every shade of red and all colors including navy blue and gold. Needless to say, I am a self-proclaimed lipstick expert.

This is why I jumped on the chance to review Buxom. I have a lot of lip things but the only high-end lipsticks I have were the gifts mentioned above and an Urban Decay lipstick I bought for 60% off. This little Buxom gloss is every lipstick enthusiast’s dream.

First off, Buxom is a cruelty-free brand, so they never test on animals, which is the number one thing I look up when trying a new brand. My favorite part about this gloss, though, is the color. It has a little hint of mauve or dusty rose and lots of shine. I generally am a HUGE fan of red lipstick, and definitely my go to, however I currently intern at a government office and I feel a bright cherry lip is definitely too bold for a business professional dress code. This Buxom gloss has a little color, a little shine and sparkle, and is absolutely perfect for a professional working girl and lipstick lover like me.

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Sarah Warkentin

Delaware '20

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