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All right, so you wanna know a little bit about zodiac signs.. I’m here to help! I’m here to tell you a bit about the basics of astrology and zodiac signs. Think you know a little already? You probably do! Maybe you know your sign is super stubborn- like me, a Taurus! Maybe you know cancers are super loving, but very emotional. That’s a start! What exactly is a zodiac sign? WTF is astrology? Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. OK, now, in simpler words, it’s how the stars affect us, intuitively, physically, romantically, etc. Now, your zodiac sign is determined by the position of the sun at the time you were born. Pretty cool, right? It may be a little confusing, and some people are definitely skeptical of how much the stars can really affect us humans. There is a lot of complexity involved with astrology and zodiac signs–we could get into compatibility between signs, your rising sign, moon sign, etc. But let’s save that for another day! Or, well, another article! Ever heard terms like “UGH you’re acting like such a Gemini!” I’ll explain to you, using my experiences and a little research, the common traits of each sign, (the good and the bad) so you can get a better idea of what a term like that means. Let’s go-

Let’s start with Aries! March 21-April 20

Aries tend to be one of the most confrontational signs. Which doesn’t always have to be bad! They care about themselves and who they love, so they’re willing to fight for them. Aries seek excitement and are pretty adventurous, so they could definitely make fun road trip partners. Aries sometimes put themselves down and put too much pressure on themselves, similar to Tauruses. Head up, Aries, you guys are doing great. 

Next up we have Taurus, April 21-May 20

Tauruses are stubborn and are usually stuck in their ways. Tauruses love for things to go their way, and their way only, which could end up being a toxic trait. Tauruses don’t have a ton of self confidence, and have a lot of self doubt like Aries. Despite that, a Taurus is empathetic and feels for others (which leads them to be a great friend or romantic partner!) Tauruses tend to put YOU first. Tauruses, take some more time for yourself, Damnit!

Now we have Geminis, May 21-June 20

Geminis are often known as “two faced.” And seemingly have an obvious ‘nice’ and ‘mean’ side. Despite that, Geminis love to have fun, and are similar to Leos in that aspect. Geminis are also sociable, and love deeply, like Cancers. Along with their sociability, they are charming, with a ton of energy. Geminis can be a bit hard to understand at times, which could make for some rocky relationships/friendships. Overall, Geminis, I totally wanna party with you!

Cancers are next! Cancers, June 21-July 22

Cancers are emotional people that love and care deeply- they make awesome friends for that reason! They’re empathetic, and loyal, but might be a little scary in confrontational situations- there’s definitely a feisty side when they’re agitated, but really, they don’t like confrontation. Stay on their good side, and you’re bound to have a wholesome bond with them. Cancers, I have a total soft spot for you guys, and as a Taurus, I feel you!

Leos are up! Leos, July 23-August 22

Leos are feisty, fun, and usually very confident. Some say they’re the ~hottest~ zodiac sign, but I’m a little biased as a Taurus, so I’ll disagree with that one. Anyways, Leos love to have a good time and can definitely be found at parties, kickbacks, hangouts, etc. Leos also tend to have a lot of love to give, but get on their bad side and you’re probably done for. Leos stand up for themselves, but might get a little too aggressive and very personal with their fighting words- Leos, you guys are so fun, and I’m gonna play it safe and get on your good side.

Next up we have Virgos, August 23-September 22

Virgos are a quiet bunch, but usually have great senses of humor, are loyal, and so friendly; Though it may take some time to get a Virgo out of their shell. Virgos are passionate about who and what they care about, similar to Cancers. Virgos are a little hard on themselves sometimes, and tend to be over thinkers. Virgos, love yourself a little more! P.S. You guys are my favorite sign. Love, a Taurus.

Who’s next? Libras! September 23-October 22

Libras are social butterflies, totally flirty, and tend to have a ton of friends. Libras are charming and like able, and are often honest, patient and take no shit. However, Libras are a bit egocentric, kind of similar to Leos, and may be a bit selfish in certain situations, as well as indecisive. In relationships, this might cause some problems. Other than that, Libras, thanks for keeping it real.

Scorpio time! October 23-November 21

Scorpios speak their mind, and have intense emotions. Personally, I think Scorpios are some of the most hardworking people (shoutout to my Scorpio mom!) and have a great work ethic. Scorpios get. shit. done. Scorpios unfortunately aren’t hard to rile up, thanks to their deep emotions, and tend to be a fiery opponent in conflict. Scorpios can be a little scary! But they really make some of the best friends due to their tell-it-like-it-is mindset, and their extreme loyalty. Love you, Scorpios!

Next in line is Sagittarius, November 22-December 21

Sagittariuses are an optimistic sign, often trying to see the positive side of everything. They’re insanely reliable and very honest and loyal. They share a few of the same traits as Libras, and they make for awesome friends. Sagittariuses are often a bit impulsive, and can be over-dramatic in some instances. Sag, even though some of you may tend to have total impulse shopping addiction, I still wanna be your friend. So what’s in your shopping cart?

Capricorns! December 22-January 19

Capricorns, you guys are usually very funny, so shoutout to you guys for always making me laugh. Capricorns have a great sense of humor, similar to Virgos, and are ambitious like Scorpios. Capricorns are usually well respected, and come off as quite polite; they make for great hosts. On the other hand, Caps sometimes can be quite serious, and in some situations, a bit unforgiving. But hey, I guess we all need a balance between our funny and serious side.

Now we have Aquarius, January 20-February 18

Aquarians are some of the most loving people I’ve ever met. They get attached to people easily, but that could make for a great bond whether it’s a relationship or friendship. Aquarians don’t care what others think, and you bet they’ll stand up for themselves. Aquarians don’t seek out fights and confrontation, but when they’re in a feud, it gets ugly, personal, messy, and harsh very quickly. Just like with Leos, I’m gonna stay on an Aqua’s good side!

Lastly, we have Pisces, February 19-March 20

Pisces, you’re selfless, giving, and so passionate about what you love. As a Taurus, I get along so great with you guys, but Pisces, you need to start standing up for yourself more! Pisces tend to make things about others, thanks to their giving, loving tendencies. Pisces may be a little scatterbrained, and have escapist tendencies which isn’t always ideal. However, what I love about Pisces is their goal-setting abilities, and drive to succeed in the future.

Those are just the basics of each Zodiac sign. Definitely start doing your own research to find out more about yoruself!

Kayla Plunkett

Delaware '23

Kayla is a sophomore art major at the University of Delaware. Aside from being a part of Her Campus, she keeps up with new music, all things artsy, and of course, tik tok.
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