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3 Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy Skin Care Routine in the Winter

We all love the wonderful warmth of a cozy, festive December. However, we do not appreciate the cold weather that leaves our skin feeling dry, cracked and looking like Jack Frost. Here are 3 useful tips that you should incorporate into your daily skincare routine this winter season. 

1. Always use a light cleanser.

Everyone has different skin types. However, from my personal experience, going with a light cleanser can benefit sensitive skin. A deep cleanser might lead to irritation or be too abrasive for your face, which could either cause redness or enhance acne. Using a light cleanser makes your skin feel nourished and allows room for you to apply an even amount of moisturizer to your face. I highly recommend Elf’s Superclarify Cleanser because it is animal cruelty-free, vegan and inexpensive. 

2. Ditch the toner and use skin care tools instead.

Toner is a hit or miss product. If you use it, you can strip away any dirt or impurities and add a cool hydration effect to your face. Toner is usually marketed towards consumers with acne-prone skin types. Still, for people like me with sensitive skin, toner is a miss. Toner caused me to break out and left my skin feeling dry. Although toners work for some people, always read the label on whichever product you decide to buy. Some products contain alcohol in them, which can be damaging to your skin. Since toner does not work for me, I use skincare tools for my daily face routine. The 3 essential skincare tools that I use can be found at any Ulta Beauty store. First, I recommend using Foreo’s Luna Mini 2 face cleansing brush because it is a lightweight, handheld device that is long-lasting. It would make a great holiday gift. Another skincare tool that I recommend in order to get that cooling sensation on your face is a facial roller. You can use it to apply your moisturizer or serum and spread it evenly throughout your face. Lastly, I recommend investing in a Flawless Beauty Fridge. These are small, compact and cute fridges designed to keep your moisturizers, serums and tools nice and cold for your daily use. 

3. Serum and moisturizer are the 2 holiday heroes. 

You can never go wrong with serum and moisturizer. These products are an essential part of any skincare routine. Especially since the weather has changed and is colder, these products will have your skin glowing and feeling nourished throughout the day. It is important not to add too much serum to your face because you do not want to end up shining like the North Star. I recommend using a small amount and adding it to your facial roller to distribute the product evenly. One specific serum that I highly recommend is The Ordinary “Buffet” because it contains hyaluronic acid, which is excellent to combat dry skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Following the serum, you always need to make sure you have a good moisturizer. Since my skin typically feels dry after every wash, my secret trick for that extra moisturization is using a small dime’s worth of Vitamin E oil. I use Derma-E Vitamin E Skin Oil 14,000 I.U. because it renews and repairs the skin. I highly recommend this product because it is animal cruelty-free, vegan, GMO-free and soy-free. And finally, after using the Vitamin E oil, I use Elf’s Superhydrate Moisturizer to top off the routine. This moisturizer can also be found in a kit with Elf’s Superclariyfing Cleanser, which is very inexpensive and can be a great stocking stuffer idea. 

Overall, whatever path that your skin takes you during this winter season, make sure always to moisturize!!! In a nod to Rupaul, Hey sis, it’s Christmas you can cross these products off your wish list.

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