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Zendaya Recent Fashion Profile

From the minute Zendaya blessed our screens all the way back in 2010 on “Shake it Up”, she has been a style icon. Whether it be on the red carpet or on our TV screens, Zendaya is always dressed to impress.

Zendaya is one of those lucky people who would, as the saying goes, look good in a bin bag. She looks just as good in a floor length dress as she does in a striking pant suit or casual ripped jeans. 

She looked breath-taking at this years’ Emmys where she wore a rich green dress with a sheer corset style bodice and a long silk skirt. Zendaya wasn’t nominated for any Emmys’ this year but we can all agree she won best dressed.

It’s not the first time Zendaya has wowed us at events. Who could forget her Cinderella moment at the 2019 Met Gala? She literally glowed in a light-up Tommy Hilfiger gown as she walked the carpet with stylist Law Roach, who was dressed as her Fairy Godmother. 

Not one to shy away from expressing her more androgynous side, nobody wears a pantsuit quite like Zendaya. Just look at her cover of this months “The Hollywood Reporter”, where she is pictured wearing a stunning dark grey spotted pantsuit, that she makes even sexier by only wearing a black bra underneath. 

We could talk about Zendaya’s jaw dropping red carpet looks or her phenomenal street style all day, but let’s discuss the more muted, laid back look she opts for in her new series Euphoria. 

Euphoria is a teen drama that follows a group of students as they deal with a plethora of issues, everything from leaked nudes to sex work, drugs and regular old friendships. It’s a striking show that accurately depicts teenage problems in the modern age. 

Zendaya plays Rue Bennett, a 17-year-old, struggling drug addict who has just gotten out of rehab at the start of the show.

Almost every other female character in Euphoria wears extremely girly, cutesy little outfits with matching eye-catching makeup. The most notable would be her transgender best friend Jules, who is rarely seen not rocking a skirt. 

Rue chooses a more relaxed wardrobe that consists mostly of over-sized t-shirts with sweats or bicycle shorts and that all-encompassing maroon jumper she practically lives in. Her most iconic t-shirt is the grey and green tie-dye one with a green alien in the centre. 

Rue does make more of an effort when she goes to parties. Unlike her friends she chooses a more androgynous style, opting for clothes like the silky wine co-ord she wears in the first episode or the beautifully tailored black suit she wears on Halloween.

In some of Rue’s fantasies, we see how she would dress herself if she wasn’t a drug addicted teenager. In one of her imagined presentations, she wears a stylish, fitted maroon boiler suit that shows how even more stylish she could be if she wasn’t taking drugs. 

Whether it be on TV, various coloured carpets or her own Instagram page, looking at Zendaya’s style will always give you some exciting fashion inspiration.

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