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In the past few months more and more people have been going for food or picnics in their local park. Now that summer’s here, we’ve gathered everything you need for a great picnic!


This adorable picnic blanket is perfect for the park or beach and is so easy to carry around. Since it's waterproof, you can just give it a quick wipe down after using it so it's ready to go for your next picnic!


If you’re bringing drinks of chilled food you’ll need a cooler bag. This cooler bag looks cute and can carry all of your drinks to make sure they stay cold. (Bonus: it can fit two bottles of wine)


To keep your drinks cold reusable ice cubes are a lifesaver. All you have to do is freeze them overnight and bring them in your cooler bag. They won’t water down your drink and you can use them time and time again.


Silicone wine glasses are another great buy that you can use for countless amounts of picnics. Of course, you could buy some plastic cups but silicone ones are more environmentally friendly.


Now onto the food! If you’re the mammy of the group chances are you’ll want to make something tasty to bring with you. Or, you could entice the mammy of the group to make them.


If you don’t want to pre prepare food, you can buy a disposable BBQ. (These aren’t allowed in all outdoor areas, so just check the regulations first!) These are amazing because you can throw them out straight after using them. 


For your BBQ bring sausages, burgers, and of course buns and sauce to put them on. 


You don’t need much to go on a picnic, but if you’re someone who goes on them regularly it could be worth investing in a few reusable products to make sure you have minimal waste each time!

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