Your Hip Dips are Normal and Beautiful

Let's start this article with a few questions. How many of you tried home workout videos at the beginning of lockdown? And how many of these videos popped up with the title “How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips Fast!” and “Hip Dip Workout”? I saw so many, nearly every third or fourth one had that title. 


Throughout lockdown, have you found yourself scrolling on Instagram and Tik Tok a lot more than before and always coming across these Instagram models posing in bikinis showing off their amazing figures? Most of us sit there and wish to have their body, but let me tell you everyone’s body shape is different and a lot of us have slowly learned to love the body we have been given and it's evident across all social media with so much body positivity being spread in recent times. 


It’s your body and it’s the skin you're in, love it, love yourself. We need to stop telling ourselves this is how we should look because we are all made differently, we are all perfect as we are.


So, let’s talk about what a hip dip is. A hip dip is an indent where your hip meets your thigh. It’s very common for most people to have them so why do some of us hate them and want to get rid of them?


I sat down for a chat with two lovely girls about them and their journey to the acceptance of their hips dips.


Rebecca Whelan, a beauty therapist student from Roscommon said, “Oh girl I have those, I absolutely hated them when I was younger! I honestly tried so hard to get rid of them.” I then went on to ask her how she views them now. “Now that I’m older,” Whelan continued, “I’m learning to accept that’s how my body is and if it’s not affecting my body's health why should I let it affect my mental health.”


Emma Monaghan, a student at DCU said, “they’ve never really bothered me.” Monaghan continued, “if there's nothing I can do about them then there's no point in worrying too much.”


Hip dips are completely normal girls! For any person it is completely “depending on their skeletal and muscular makeup,” according to Today. If you have higher or wider hips, your hip dips are going to be more prominent. 


Women, in particular, have wide hips, it’s all down to our reproduction system. We need wide hips to be able to carry a child, meaning we tend to have more prominent hip dips.


Let's debunk a big myth that some videos and images continue to showcase across the media. Hip dips are in no way a bad thing. They don’t mean you have a bit of extra skin around your hips, they are not a sign of ‘love handles’ and honestly so what if they were?


Hips dips can actually be a sign you are in shape! Hips dips are your body’s natural way of telling you that you are in good shape. Your muscles aren’t supposed to protrude in that region, a hip dip is natural. 


In recent times I have noticed more clothes websites and magazine covers embracing body diversity for all genders. More stretch marks are on show, more scars, and of course more hips dips. We need to step away from social media for a hot minute, step away from comparing ourselves to others. You are your own person; you are unique and you are beautiful as you are.


Hip dips do not make you too fat, too skinny, too anything. Yes, there are exercises to help work the muscles around the hip dip area but please remember they are naturally part of your beautiful body. I am all for exercising and working out and keeping fit but remember to also embrace your body’s natural curves because you are all beautiful no matter what.