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Getting any piercing is daunting at first, we wonder what the pain will be like, how it will look after and the struggles of the aftercare as well. If getting a nipple piercing is something you have your mind set on, go for it! 

Going to a reputable piercing shop is a must, so do your research and ask around between friends and people who have experience with the piercers in your local area. 

The process of the piercing is fairly quick, the piercer may ask you to take a deep breath and by the time that deep breath is let out the process is over. The initial pain of the piercing is a slight pinch but the hours and days after is where the pain starts to occur. 

When the piercing is done, the piercer will place a bandage over the piercing as a small bit of bleeding could occur, however this is different for everyone. 

In the days after the piercing the cleaning is so important! Your nipples may be swollen for a few days after the piercing however this will go down and so will the pain. You will more than likely be given a cleaning solution by your piercer. 

The best way I found with cleaning the piercing was to use a cotton bud with the solution on it, clean around each side to clear any dried blood or puss, then push the nipple bar to each side and clean the middle of the bar, this will prevent infection. 

Being precise and careful with the cleaning is very important with all piercings. Preventing infection is anyone’s main aim when it comes to piercings.

Just like any piercings, there is always some sort of risk involved. Rejection of the piercing will only occur if the piercing isn’t done correctly or the jewellery isn’t placed right in the nipple. This is why doing research on your piercer and reading reviews and getting people’s feedback is vital, in order to have the smoothest journey with getting a new piercing. 

If at any time you feel something isn’t right or there may be an infection contacting a doctor is so important. However, as long as the piercing is being cleaned regularly and you are taking care of it and it has been done correctly, the healing process should be plain sailing.

In the days after the piercing be mindful of picking at the crusty bits that form around the piercing, allowing warm water in the shower soften them makes cleaning the piercing with the cleaning solutions and cotton bud easier. 

The type of bra you wear is important too. Avoid anything lacy as the lace can irritate the fresh piercing. Sticking with a clean sports bra is the best option for the few days after the piercing as it will cause less friction. 

Remember! Everyone’s healing process is different. A nipple piercing can take anywhere from 6-12 months to heal fully.

Now, if you are dead set on getting those nips pierced. DO IT. Go make yourself feel even sexier!

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