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Winter Clothing Staples

Winter is here ladies and gentlemen! The time has come to take out that woolly hat and scarf and wrap up. As the days get shorter and we spend more time inside, it’s essential to have your go-to winter pieces. 

  1. Cosy Jumper 

Having a few soft, warm jumpers is a MUST and styling them is a breeze! When choosing the perfect winter woolly, firstly consider the fabric. There is nothing worse than an itchy jumper! Vary thicknesses when you are building your collection. Layering with a thinner jumper will add extra dimension and fun to your outfit.  Lastly, choose neutral colours as they are easiest to pair with any trousers be they denim or classic slacks. 

  1. Puffer Jacket

A trendy piece coming into play the last few years, but is here to stay. A puffer jack is perfect on those crisp and rainy mornings. Investing in a good winter coat is essential as not only will it withstand the temperature but also last your years! The North Face Nuptse jacket is a classic but definitely on the pricier side. Alternatively, Zara has a brilliant dupe coming in a range of colours to suit any outfit. 

  1. Boots galore 

Boots are an essential part of winter fashion! Everyone should have the following staple boot: Chelsea boot, knee-high boot and Doc Martens. (Honorable mention goes to the Ugg boot, although they might not be to everyone’s taste.) The Chelsea boot is a classic ankle boot that adds a hint of elegance to an otherwise casual outfit. Knee-high boots are perfect for nights out and they cover most of your legs and look super sleek. Recently, Doc Martins have been taking over! Once you break them in, this chunky boot pairs with everything from jeans to a silky dress. 

  1. Fleece tights/leggings 

Winter is the season for layering! Having a good quality pair of tights or leggings to dress under trousers will be a lifesaver. The friction between both materials will generate heat, thus keeping you warm throughout the day. Patterned tights have also entered the scene in recent fashion weeks, proving to be an up and coming trend. 

  1. Corduroy trousers

Corduroy is a staple winter fabric that is both soft to the touch and highly insulating. Playing with the texture of the material is what makes styling it so exciting. Try a smoother fabric such as faux leather to contrast or velvet to supplement the warmth. Corduroy trousers are a popular choice and having a go-to pair will elevate any outfit. 

Whatever you choose to wear this winter make sure you are all wrapped up and don’t forget your mask!

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