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What To Get Bae This Christmas

Shopping for your boyfriend can be difficult especially when you’re in a budget and the unfortunate thing is that men’s clothes are often more expensive than women’s.  


Watches are a go-to Christmas or birthday gift because its practical and fashionable. However, if you are superstitious then stay away from watches as there is an old superstition that it is bad luck to buy your partner a watch as it signifies the end of a relationship. It’s an old myth however it is still believed by some people today.  


The second very easy Christmas gift is a wallet and this is especially helpful if you have only started recently dating and don’t know very much about their likes and dislikes and you can’t go wrong with a wallet. It’s always helpful to ensure that it is a vegan wallet and not made from animal products and this will mean it is usually less expensive.  


Aftershave and an aftershave set are perfect Christmas gifts as this is an easy way of buying him the aftershave that you personally like to have your man smelling like roses. With discounted black Friday deals it’s easy to find one for the right price.  


Wooly scarves and hats are perfect for the cold winter nights out. They can be Penney’s or River Island as long as the colour and style suits. A cute beanie and matching scarf will always be in fashion. 


If he is a gamer, then a PlayStation game is always a safe option because it’s easy to tell the type of games he plays and buying used games from places like CEX takes the pressure of saving almost €100 for one item.  


Superdry and Abercrombie and Fitch have stylish jumpers for all year round if it doesn’t stretch the budget too far. Thinking practical with the gifts we buy for men is the best way to go.  


They need new socks? A portable charger for their phone? Underwear? Their stocking fills up very quickly when you think practical. Speaking of practical, grooming kits are always necessary for facial hair.  


If the love of your life is a whisky or a gin drinker then a whisky or gin set is perfect to style up his Christmas Day drinks.  


If you plan on spending Christmas Day together and you can’t bear the thought of watching the Eastenders Christmas special then boards games are an excellent way to have fun. From Harry Potter trivia to Game of Thrones to meme themed board games.  


For the partner that’s a little more quirky, there’s always an acre of land for sale on Lunarland and it isn’t even expensive starting at 30 dollars. The buyer receives a deed with their name on it and the lunar documents needed to prove your ownership.  


Even for the fussiest of boyfriends, there’s always something weird and wonderful on the internet but of course your partner already has everything if he has you. What more could he possibly want? 




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