Unusual Activities for Your European Getaway

Whether you’re interrailing, on a weekend break away or even exploring a new city for a few days, why not mix up your daily activities a little bit. With so much on offer out there, expand your horizons with how you plan on spending your time. By focusing on the obvious you can sometimes miss out on something special. Therefore, we’ve curated a list of not so typical activities you can get up in your favourite European cities. 


Madeira, Portugal 

Go toboggan! A long tradition in the Madeiran capital, the ride down the mountain from Monte to Funchal on (or in) a wicker and wood toboggan is quite an experience. Plus, no snow is needed. You can fit two people to a toboggan, along with two Madeirans to help handle or stop the conveyance as it slides nearly two miles into Funchal. 

The ride takes nearly 20 minutes and recreates a major mode of travel in the 1800s - the early 1900s. Not only is it an exhilarating experience, but you also get to take in the breath-taking views, those of which include the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean. Reaching speeds of up to 48 km/hr, you can be sure this will be a trip to remember. 


Linz, Austria 

Take a trip back to the future as you completely lose yourself in the Ars Electronica Centre. A place for new technology and modern art, this museum is something out of the ordinary. Indulge yourself in their Deep Space, which offers laser tracking and 3D animations. Get to know their media art or artificial intelligence and if that doesn’t do it for you then visit the CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). The CAVE uses technology so advanced thanks to 3D projections, you feel as though you’re part of the exhibit. 


Paris, France 

The Eiffel Tower didn’t quite reach the heights you hoped it would? Well, how about taking a hot air balloon ride. Situated in the Andre-Citroen Park, this hot air balloon is officially the biggest in the world. View the city of Paris as you never have before, by getting this unique birds-eye view. Best time of day for a trip, try sun-down to get those oh so Instagramable pictures. As well as the balloon ride, the park it’s located in is similar to something out of a movie with historic fountains, wading pools, concrete walkways and large areas of greenery, perfect for a picnic. 


Berlin, Germany  

Try out a futuristic German spa which will allow you to float in a pool of salt water while listening to underwater techno. Yes, that is a real sentence you just read. Even the exterior of this Liquidrom Spa is something straight out of a Steve Spielberg movie with its tent-like structure. The spa is fitted with a variety of saunas and baths, as well as the beauty that is the salt water floating pool. Emerged in multicoloured lights and music that can be heard underwater which can range from classical to techno. This place truly is the future of relaxation. 


So next time you find yourself on a city adventure, consider these not so typical activities you can get up to. Be creative, think outside of the box and create a trip of a lifetime for yourself.