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The Clitoris Exists.

Welcome to our new sex series, called “Tied and Tested”. This particular issue is more of a pleading letter rather than a love letter to those of you who don’t know how to sexually please a girl. Before we even delve into the wonders of this series, it’s important to highlight one thing that makes all of these following situations possible and enjoyable; The Clitoris.


  WE know it exists and how to use it, but do you? Girls, have you ever been with someone who just didn’t know what they were doing whatsoever? Has it ever felt like they were stimulating you to the same degree as being poked in the nose continuously for ten long minutes? (Unless that’s what you’re in to- we don’t kink-shame here, believe me.) Not to point any fingers at my past ‘conquests’, but highlighting this may help the lost souls in the future, and might make sex actually enjoyable for the next girl they decide to sleep with. We love doing charity work here at Her Campus.


 So, the clitoris. It’s there, it really, really is. It’s the most sensitive part of a female’s body, appears as a tiny little ball shape under the clitoral hood. When you actually find it, please try not to beat it to death. It’s extremely sensitive, with 8,000 nerve endings. This is double the amount that a penis has. A consistent yet firm amount of pressure applied by a body part of your choice (or toy) is necessary for stimulation and reaching an orgasm.


Only one guy has ever actually made me actually orgasm from clitoral stimulation. ONE. These poor soldiers need to be educated and actually care enough to educate themselves about how to arouse and stimulate their sexual partners because if it’s just him getting off, it gets extremely boring, extremely fast. We all know we can make you orgasm, but what about us, HUH?


 A wise soul once told me that one just has to be patient with these things. Patience is a virtue that this girl does not have. However, if your partner isn’t attempting to make you orgasm, or doesn’t seem to know how just tell him. Communication is so vital in these situations, otherwise, when you inevitably get bored and move on, he will too, and he won’t be able to please the next girl either. We’re about female empowerment here, and if that means giving him some tips so he can make another girl’s life easier, then give him those tips- and maybe more if you’re feeling frisky.

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