Tied and Tested: Sex In Public Places

 “Doing your sexy bits in public places is too risky!!” - Ah but sweet pea, isn’t that the point? The risk makes it hotter. There’s more adrenaline flowing and the sense of being in a rush makes it that bit more passionate. Whether you’ve gotten up to some funny business in a (hopefully) empty lecture hall, or you’ve given a blowjob in a park near your house (you little exhibitionist), it’s about the thrill and lust of it all. Live a little, it could be just the spice your sex life needed. 

For the majority of people, sex usually takes place in a bed of some sort, away from the public eye. But what if you wanted to take that outside? Here at Her Campus, we are going to give you some of the best places to get a bit freaky. 

A Pier:  

Now most people associate the pier as a fun day out for. Walking on the beach, eating a 99-ice cream and enjoying the sun beams. Obviously, guys I’m not talking about getting a bit frisky during the day, but this could be a great nigh-time rendezvous for you and your partner. For me, there is something about being in the open air with the sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks that adds an extra bit of flavour to sex. There are plenty of quite nooks and crannies that you will be able to find a secluded place to get down and dirty.  


Many people who have been to a festival and had sex in a tent don’t always give it the praise it deserves. There are many pros to sex in a tent and the biggest one is body heat. Anyone who has been camping knows how cold it gets a night, but a little night time activity keeps you warm the entire time. Trust me, when the temperature drops at night time sex is the answer to keeping your temperature and maybe even your heart rate up all night.  

Car Copulation: 

Let’s talk car sex.  This is an easy and comfortable way to get it on in a public place, especially at night time.  The thing about car sex is, location is key. Most people opt for rural country roads, deserted car parks and isolated beaches for example.  ‘The Viewpoint’ is a well-known car canoodling zone. Couples come from far and wide to watch planes soar high into the sky, and to reach a climax of their own, if you know what I mean.  The trick is to find a public place, but to limit the number of people that can get a sneaky peek through your window. There needs to be a risk of getting caught, but if it actually happens, it probably won’t be so hot.  

When car sex is shown in movies, it more often than not takes place on the driver’s seat, reclined back.  Come on people, the logical thing is to move to the back seat. There’s so much room for activities! Use the space that you have to bust your best moves.  

It might be a good idea to keep condoms in the car for random, passionate pullovers.  Always be prepared! Park up and make your car journey a ride to remember (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  


So, no matter where you are or what time, there is definitely a place for you to get it on.  


Until next time