Three Easy Ways to Revamp Your Wardrobe


  1. Hair Trends 


Hair bands, hair clips, bandanas you name it - this season is all about sprucing up your look with a new hair look. This is such an easy way to change up your wardrobe while still being super affordable. Plus, this will help you out when you have second day hair. Buy a pack of funky bobby pins or some cute clips from Penny’s and style up your look. Grab a cute hairband to add to an outfit. The possibilities are endless. 





  1. Neon Trend 

Neon is everywhere on the catwalks at the moment and on every social media influencer’s feed. Beware however, this trend can be really cool or very tacky so be careful when adding neon. Getting some neon pieces small or big just to add a splash of colour to any outfit can instantly add something extra! 





  1. Crop it  


We’ve seen some of the Irish Instagram influencers like Niamh Cullen do it. Why haven’t we tried it yet? It’s coming into spring/summer now and why not crop some of your favourite t-shirts into cute crop tops? Grab that scissors and make it as edgy as possible. Sometimes some rips and messy cuts make for this coolest revamp. If you have a long cardigan that’s just not doing it for you anymore, why not grab a bobbin tie it up and roll it under to make it cropped.