Thinking of Changing Up Your Hairstyle

A new year consistently brings with it the desire to change things up. Hair colour and style is something that is often put under the microscope, but this rush to re-invent yourself can be a very impetuous decision and sometimes it can go wrong.  

It is important to be sure of your dedication and commitment to a new style, colour or cut before taking the plunge. At the same time, it provides a fantastic opportunity to be creative and increase your self-confidence.  

An extremely popular colour change up is going blonde. Every girl probably goes through a phase of wanting to have those sun kissed Californian locks. But what they don’t tell you on the cover of magazines is the expense and damage the colour can have on your pocket and on your hair.  

Research is needed when deciding to do anything new, but extensive research is required when going blonde. The fact of the matter is that damage will be done.  

Elite Daily speaks of the implications that going lighter can have on your delicate hair strands, discussing with those in the know they said that, “dying and bleaching your hair permanently alters the integrity of your hair.” 

Honestly this sounds scary and would really make a lot of people forget about the idea and cling to their hair, but there is hope as they point out that only a small amount of damage is experienced when going blonde in the hands of a professional.  

Marie Claire is insistent on the need for continuous hair care. In an article by Hollywood colour stylist Tracey Cunningham, she was adamant that you must put time into your hair when making this drastic transition. “You need lots of moisturising treatments in-between each service to help maintain healthy hair.” 

Another way to change things up is through a new haircut. Trends often catch on when they are initiated by celebrities. Take ‘The Rachel’ haircut which was made popular in the 90s hit show Friends as an example. 

A key look this year will be the ‘Modern Shag.’ Allure Magazine have stated that the carefree and easy vibe of the 70s will be injected into 2020 due to this style. If this look interests you be sure to check out celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kesha for inspiration, who have both fully embraced it.  

Allure have also noted the rise of ‘Short Bangs.’Only recently we saw the talented and gorgeous Saoirse Ronan rocking a variation of the mini fringe at the Oscars. Krysten Ritter of Breaking Bad fame has been incorporating this style into her look for years. 

One of the most important things to remember when thinking of doing something with your luscious locks is to consider how much of a change and commitment you’re willing to allow.  

Making up your mind and deciding right there and then in the hairdresser's chair can be a mistake. You need to be able to trust your hairdresser, if they know you and your hair condition, they can give the best advice when wanting a change.  

What we see on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter is not realistic. The perfect shiny hair spread across our magazines captures one moment in time in a photoshoot with the top hairstylists who have probably been working for hours for a single picture.  

Go for styles and hair colours that suit your life, price range, complexion and taste, not what the masses want or what you think looks nice on someone else. A certain cut or colour will fit you perfectly, you just need to be patient in your quest for it.