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Summer Fashion Trends

Bicycle Shorts 

Just when you thought athleisure was on the decline and you could finally stop pretending you liked dad shoes, wearing cycling shorts became à la mode. Pair these shorts with an oversized statement t-shirt and clunky boots for an effortlessly grunge vibe. Or as seen on the models of Fendi and Maryam Nassir Zadeh, combine these shorts with a statement blazer or jacket, for an eye-catching and energetic ensemble. These elastic stretchy shorts aren’t for everyone but if you’re tired of worn-out denim cut-offs give bicycle shorts a try this summer.   

Shrunken Bags 

This seasons it-bag isn’t even a bag, its shrunken size makes it more alike a purse, but micro-purse just doesn’t sound as classy. Their itsy-bitsy size means you won’t fit in much but If you place your belongings just right, you might be able to fit your phone, keys and lone credit card (how minimalist!). What these micro-bags lack in practicality they make up with versatility, you can wear them around your waist, dangling elegantly from your shoulder or draped around your body. This summer downsize your favourite handbag for a miniature version and upgrade your summer wardrobe. 

Midi Skirts 

Midi skirts were a closet staple during the 90s, sadly, tapering off during 2000s, however, they’ve recently made a resurgence. Midi skirts are the perfect length, long enough for those tepid summer nights yet, short enough to keep you cool. Looking to stay on trend, pick up a neon, metallic or animal print midi-skirt and get your fashion fix all in one.   

Puffed Shoulders 

As the saying goes, the bigger the better. Thus, the bigger the shoulders the better in my opinion (unless, their padded shoulders). Puffed shoulders add an element of whimsical romanticism to any outfit, whether it’s on a square necked dress or a patterned blouse these sleeves will leave you feeling like a formidable heroine from a regency novel. 


Tie-Dye the fabric of our childhood summers, is back and certainly providing us with a major dose of nostalgia. Thankfully, this season, the tie-dye of our childhood was elevated to a more chic and contemporary status. With designers such as Prada adding a feminine touch to the cult surfer boy fabric by using it on A-line dresses and skirts. Or with Ashley William’s “Don’t Know, Don’t Care” tie-dye cotton jumper. Bring out your inner child and wear tie-dye this summer. 


2018 was the year of patterns, designers played with an array of different patterns from animal print to tartan, floral to polka dots. This season’s take on patchwork offers a fresh and funky outlook on the outdated artform as it combines all our favourite patterns from last year. Patchworks presence as a rising spring summer 2019 trend signals the end of minimalism and the return of maximalism in fashion. If you want to make a statement this year, wear patchwork.  


I’m currently a student at DCU studying Business International who loves all things Fashion and Beauty.
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