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Spicing Up Your Student Accommodation On A Budget

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DCU chapter.

Moving out of your childhood home and into student accommodation is both exciting and nerve-racking. When living somewhere new you should prioritize making your space comfortable to help you settle in. So, here is how to spice up your new home away from home without breaking the bank. 

  1. Cute Bed Sheets 

Your bed is the most important part of your room. The simplest thing like a patterned duvet set in your favourite colour is sometimes all it takes to make your room more relaxing. 

  1. Crystals 

Not only do they bring positive energy into your life, but they are also pretty. A few crystals scattered around your room or on your bedside locker is sure to make your room more zen. 

  1. Diffuser 

Without a doubt, one of the best items I have ever bought for my room has been a diffuser. They are especially great for student accommodation as most places do not allow candles so a diffuser with good essential oil is a great way to make your room smell good. I would recommend lavender or orange essential oil (my favourites). 

  1. Lantern Lampshade 

A lot of the time when you move into student accommodation you find an ugly, dusty-looking lamp shade hanging off the ceiling. In this case, I would recommend running to Ikea or Sostrene Grene and picking up a lantern lampshade. They are super cute and can be bought for as little as €2.50. However, do bear in mind, it is important to change out the bulb for an LED one that will not heat up the lantern. 

  1. Wall Prints 

Most people can agree that a bedroom is not complete without some wall décor. You can find some cool prints on Etsy if you want to support a local artist. Alternatively, you can get some use out of the college printers and make your own prints. A Pinterest search will find you an endless number of options to fit your vibe.

  1. Baskets for Storage 

Student accommodation is usually quite small and that is why it is important to get some extra storage. I have little woven baskets to keep things like my stationary, hair products and makeup organised. You can find very affordable options in Dunnes stores, Flying Tiger, and Ikea. 

  1. Flowers  

I find a bouquet of flowers can have a positive effect on your room. They liven up your room and produce a nice smell. Carnations, gerberas and chrysanthemums will do well with very little care. If you want something that will need no care at all, you can opt for artificial flowers which can be just as pretty and will last you forever. Do not forget a cute vase to put them in! You can either go out and buy one or you can repurpose a glass bottle or jar. 

  1. SunCatcher Stickers 

With these pretty suncatcher stickers, you can turn your whole room into a beautiful rainbow explosion. These stickers are intended to reflect the sunlight into rays of rainbow colours that will cover your ceilings, walls, and floors. 

  1. Trinket Trays 

We’ve all seen those handmade clay trinket trays that trend on Pinterest and Tiktok. Well, they are not that hard to make! All you need is air-drying clay, acrylic paint, and an idea. First, shape your clay into a small plate. Do not forget to make it your own, stamp little hearts or stars into it or even your name. Let it dry overnight and then paint whatever your heart desires! Then you have the perfect handmade trinket tray for your crystals, jewellery, or a little succulent.

The main thing is to be creative! You would be surprised what you can do with a space when you think outside of the box. Know what vibe you’re going for and hunt for the best deals or DIY it. Once you know what you want, it’s easy to spice things up on a budget!

Hi everyone my name is Meadbh! I am the Her Campus Sponsorship Officer 21/22. I'm currently studying Communications at DCU. I am also a Mamma Mia and Gilmore Girls fanatic :)