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Small Irish Businesses You Should Be Supporting

Current times have had a devastating and detrimental effect on small businesses. With everything that's going on in the world, there has never been a better time than to give back to your community and your country. By supporting local, small Irish businesses, you help a family put food on their table and afford college for their kids. This article will fill you in on some gorgeous and wholesome Irish businesses regarding everything from make-up brushes to protein, from diaries to jumpers, from candles to skin-care!


Back To College Essentials:

September means one thing: trying desperately to pull your life together on time for college. These brands offer such wholesome and adorable staple products for starting off Semester 1.


These are an affordable and sustainable that sell gorgeous flasks and portable cups. All of the products are created in an eco-friendly manner and come in a wide variety designs.

IG: @narcissips [bf_image id="sq856c8xbzx8w9qnh3f3pr2"]  


This company is a God sent for any stationary , overly organised gal. They sell super cute weekly planners, daily planners, meal-prep planners and other little notebooks to help boost motivation and keep you in check.

IG: @leanundesigns [bf_image id="m4hf2bg7vsrv8r74fjr7c6mm"]


All Things Nice

 An Irish company dedicated to creating delicious, home-made scented wax melts with stunning wax burners. With scents such as 'Refresher Bar' and 'Vimto Dreams', this company will help your at home work space smell divine and have you ready to put your head down and put the work in.

IG: @allthingsniceeire [bf_image id="gsqgbxgqx6sf63k7wgv9mbfj"]  


Gym + Coffee have of course set the Irish standard for how sports products should be designed and marketed, and they have set that standard very high too. But these smaller brands for sport-wear and protein are equally as stunning, and deserve just as much attention.


This is a sports nutrition brand providing gym essentials such as whey protein, creatine and vitamins at an affordable price in sleek packaging. Their chocolate brownie protein bars are 10/10 too. 

IG: @kinetica_sports 


This clothing brand describes themselves as a conscious clothing company, and we couldn't agree more. Creating their clothing from natural fibres and recycled materials and working alongside Future Forest to help restore Ireland's forests, we can think of any reasons why you wouldn't want to buy from GROWN!

IG: @grown_clothing [bf_image id="3n747ngwmww8fs6prq5skhk"]



I'm sure we've all heard of Irish brands SoSu, Sculpted by Aimee and Carter Beauty for high quality make-up and skin-care (and if you haven't, you should) but here are some other small businesses that offer a gorgeous, irresistible range of products.

Berry Be Beauty

This is a luxury, holistic company that offers a fresh approach to skin-care, health and well-being. Selling everything from lip scrubs to salt lamps, this company is bound to have something you're looking for.

IG: @berry_be_beauty [bf_image id="kz6vt7s3fftns8z4wncb6hv"]

Jo Browne

Diffusers. Bamboo pillowcases. Perfume. Body oil. Facial serum. You name it, Jo Browne probably sells it. This companies eco friendly packaging is absolutely stunning too, and will make you want to start a whole new skin-care regime.

IG: @jobrowne_ireland [bf_image id="335g3r3k9nqzkhm4kxcf846p"]


Nía is an award winning, vegan, natural company with some stunning skin-care pieces. They have a range of products to suit dry skin, acne prone skin and aging skin. 

IG: @nianaturalbeauty [bf_image id="rx5s3m6jf5mqvqbzfrmcgnh8"]  

Make-Up Brushes:

Make-up brushes are something that can often skim our mind and we wouldn't think twice about buying them locally. But these businesses offer such gorgeous and unbelievable quality brushes, lashes and sponges that'll convert you to shopping local for good. 

Nima Brush

Nima Brush is a stunning, award winning company created by Niamh Martin whose aesthetic is unmatched. This company even offer students a discount on a choice of three brush sets!

IG: @nimabrush

[bf_image id="73prwt46qbrj99xc6qk4c5gw"]

Buff and Blend 

Four words. Skin Focus Sponge Duo. This make-up sponge is life changing, and the rest of their range of products is just as impressive too.

IG: @buffandblend [bf_image id="8rgkgrf7qrqnn6nqvfcrk4m"]


The companies mentioned in this article are only a small handful of the talented, creative Irish businesses out there! Use the #SupportIrish on social media and find hundreds more gorgeous and innovative small Irish companies to support.

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