Simple Ways to Change Your Eating Habits

Trying to change your eating habits is a tough thing to do, especially nowadays when we are inundated with fast food and quick meals. A chocolate bar seems to always be at arm's length.  

We are often unorganised and forget to bring a packed lunch but this is very important and planning is the key in keeping up goods habits.  We eat foods that are convenient when we are famished and have little options. To counter this, bring a lunch of soup or fruit to combat any bad cravings.  

Go easy on yourself. A diet overhaul is drastic so take it step by step and don’t punish yourself if you have a piece of cake on a Sunday. The most important thing is to promise yourself that tomorrow will be more successful and that it is okay to live a little and to enjoy food! 

Walking is a great way to increase the benefits of healthy eating. A brisk walk has many positives along with clearing the mind and being in the fresh air. You will often feel in a much better mood after a walk as you have set yourself a goal and achieved it! Again, you will not become a marathon winner in a week so take it slowly and make sure to warm up to avoid injury. Your muscles may be a bit shocked at this sudden interest in exercise.  

Mentioning to other people that you are trying to eat healthily will benefit you greatly. If family members know of your intent to lay off the sweets then they will be mindful not to offer you anything that might be tempting. Out of sight out of mind is very helpful in this regard.  

It will be difficult to eat healthy at this time of year as Christmas treats are in abundance. Perseverance is key and reminding yourself of the reason you are doing this is too. The point of eating healthy is to help yourself and especially organs such as your heart to be in tip top shape.   

The NHS (National Health Service, in England) website recommends drinking more water.  Often, we mistake thirst with hunger so if you feel cravings creeping up on you, try drinking water to alleviate them.  

This change must be taken gradually if you want it to last, it is important to compliment yourself for the small victories. Remind yourself that you have achieved so much just by making the decision to live a healthier life!