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Ruan’s Fresher’s Diary 

Having been AWOL for two weeks now, I thought it was time to give you a quick update of how my college experience is progressing.  

I spent Reading Week doing the same as many of my fellow students, wasting time in wonderful ways. Firstly, I caught up on my beloved Netflix series “ The Killing” which, if you are a lover of crime shows like myself, is a must watch! I got dolled up with my  girls and hit the town. 

Then I relaxed with the in-laws in the coastal county Waterford. I landed a second job collecting glasses in a local pub and had a bonding session with my new work mates. The best thing about Reading Week? I didn’t have to set my 6am alarm once. Bliss. 

After the glorious break that Reading Week granted me, it was back to the train station and back to business. Like many other foolish youngsters with a “do-it-tomorrow” attitude, I managed to leave all of my work for the week it was due. Even though sitting on a to-do list as long as the Shannon brought back intense nightmares of Sixth Year, this time I actually enjoyed doing the last minute cramming sessions.  

With all my work done and a Red Bull energy drink pumping through me, I was set for a nice night out in the college bar. However, the life of a commuter can never be as simple as that, now can it? “How on EARTH am I supposed to get home?!” 

After a very successful workshop on campus with my HerCampus gals, I joined another vibrant gang of Communications students for a drink and a giggle before we ventured towards the bar. A game of ‘kings’ later, I made it to about 15 minutes of the famous night out before my mother came to collect me so that I wouldn’t have to get a late bus home. On the bright side, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day, so who’s the real winner here? 

In a bid to keep my diary entries short and sweet like my college days, I’ll love you and leave you with a few things that I added to my survival guide. 

  1. Do NOT fall into the bad habit of leaving things until the last minute. Trust me, you will feel SO much better once it’s out of the way. 


  1. If there’s a chance that you don’t have to take public transport, take it take it take it. It felt so good to be home in less than three hours.  



  1. College nights out aren’t about excessive drinking and staying up all night for the sake of it. If you fancy an early night, why not? Your head will thank you in the morning.   

Until next time ladies and gents, Ruan x 

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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