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Quitting Your Job for Mental is OK and Here’s Why

Picture the scene. It’s a Saturday afternoon. It’s hot. Your feet ache. You’re starving and haven’t had a chance to drink water in hours. You’re sweating in your cheap uniform. The mask is making it difficult to breathe. There’s a customer yelling at you for bringing them full-fat milk instead of slim milk, or because the product they want is physically not in the store. Moreover, your friends are all at the beach or the cinema or your family are out celebrating your Nan’s birthday and you only agreed to come in on your day off because the manager said they were reallllllllllly stuck but they’ve been on ‘lunch’ for hours??

I feel depressed just thinking about it. 

We live in a hustle and boss bitch culture. We are made to feel that we are only worthy if we are making money. We are only useful if we are a product. Only wanted if we can be of service to someone else. 

Say it with me: WE ARE WORTH MORE. 

Now let me make it VERY clear. Not everyone is in a position to simply throw in the towel at work and keep living a comfortable life. Most of us need to work, to pay for college, to get a degree, to get a ‘good job’. But that does not mean that a job should impact your mental health. 

If the thought of work gives you a panic attack, or if your part-time job is causing you undue stress, anxiety or upset GOOD GOD GIRL GET OUT. 

College is stressful enough trying to fit in deadlines, classes, readings, group projects (ew) and still trying to find time to socialise and enjoy that ‘college experience’. If your job is preventing you from achieving in college then stop. 

Seriously, employers will not look at your part-time job in college, but they will look at your college results record. So, prioritise that. 

It’s okay. It’s okay to put yourself first. It’s okay to say that it’s too much or that you’re overwhelmed or unhappy with your job. It’s okay to walk away without giving an explanation. 

I heard a quote before that said ‘Nothing in this world demands you to be unhappy’. That includes your job. 

You deserve happiness and health. 

Your job does not deserve the best of you. It does not deserve your time and energy if it isn’t serving you. You deserve more. 

Your mental health is more important than Sally getting her organic broccoli. I promise you.

Meadhbh is currently studying to become a primary school teacher in DCU. She's started her first year of university online during the pandemic. Before attending DCU, Meadhbh studied Dance at Inchicore College of Future Education and now holds a Level 5 QQI in Dance. She is a part-time dance teacher and full-time dance enthusiast. Meadhbh is very excited to be writing for HerCampusDCU this year!
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