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My Opinion on Repeal the 8th

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DCU chapter.

It is common knowledge at the minute that the Repeal the 8th campaign is inescapable for anyone living in Ireland. However, this is in no way a negative thing. Awareness must be raised in any way possible to educate people on the importance of this campaign. I understand how divided this subject is in Ireland due to differing opinions. As well as giving my opinion on the campaign in this article, I also wish to inform people how to register to vote so they can voice their own opinion! 

Firstly, I think many people need to understand that you do not have to agree with abortion to be pro-choice. I would like to emphasise the word choice. By voting yes, you are giving women all over Ireland the opportunity to decide what the wish to do with their bodies. Thinking about it logically, you would not tell someone how to run other aspects of their life, so why would you tell them what to do with their body? Although you may not agree with the decisions one makes, I do not believe that this should give someone the right to tell another individual what to do.  

I understand that many people who are in favour of the pro-life campaign are against abortion as they see it as the termination of a life. However, I believe it is unfair to gain votes in favour of pro-life by using emotive pictures on signs in public areas, especially where young children can see. Instead of using emotive language, many pro-choice campaigners choose to provide facts in relation to the issue.  

One of the most important aspects of this referendum is for people to challenge their own opinions, regardless of where they stand in relation to the subject. I believe that people should be more open-minded in relation to such serious and topical issues and try to understand where others may be coming from.  

It is extremely important that everyone uses their vote in the upcoming referendum taking place on the 25th of May. Many people often believe that their vote may not matter, but this is in no way true, especially due to the importance of this issue! Let your opinion be heard and help to influence what can happen in our country! 

If you are not sure whether or not you are registered to vote for the referendum, you can check if your name is on the register at www.checktheregister.ie.

 21 Campus Correspondent for HC DCU  Love interviewing empowering people to give them the love and attention they deserve!