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Making History: The Newly Elected Democrats

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DCU chapter.

History was made across the US following Election Day. Heading into the election season, parties were hoping to diversify the group of elected officials in Congress and beyond. With some historic firsts being celebrated this week, it is safe to say that the elections were victorious! The House Democrats have made strides with regard to the representation of minority groups within the Government. With breakthroughs for LGBTQ+ and POC representation, here is a list of some of the Election Day history-makers!

Maxwell Alejandro Frost

Democrat, Maxwell Alejandro Frost is the legislature’s first Gen Z and first Afro-Cuban member of Congress! He is a 25-year-old advocate against gun violence and striving for Medicare For All. He is also a social justice advocate, aiming to push for great changes within criminal justice regarding racism. In his campaign, Frost shares that, in Congress, he will work towards abolishing the death penalty and demilitarizing the police. He also hopes to legalise recreational marijuana and fully decriminalise sex work. Frost acts as a voice for those who are continuously mistreated by the justice system. Following his victory, Frost says, 

Gen Z and millennials make up about a third of the country, but we’re nowhere near a third of the government. And I think we need a government that looks like the country.

Aruna Miller 

Aruna Miller is the nation’s first South-Asian woman and the first immigrant to serve as lieutenant governor of Maryland! Miller immigrated to the US from India with her family when she was just 7 years old. Following her win, she tweeted,

Ever since I came to this country in 1972, I’ve never stopped being excited for the promise of America.

While being in all different levels of the US Government, Miller has advocated for gun control policies. She proposes background checks on buyers and an increase in the age limit for buying guns.

Maura Healey

Maura Healey has made history by being the first openly lesbian governor in US history! She is also Massachusett’s first female governor, and was the state’s first openly gay attorney general in 2014. She began her career as a civil rights lawyer in Massachusetts and has been advocating for those living in the state ever since. As governor, she wishes to focus on making the cost of living in Massachusetts more affordable. Through affordable housing schemes, increased public transport and universal child care, Healey has pledged to tackle such issues.

Summer Lee

Democrat Summer Lee is the first Black woman elected in Congress from Pennsylvania. Following her win, social justice activist Lee said,

Our communities have been waiting far, far too long for this. This is victory, not just for me but for each and every one of us.
Lee’s agenda includes the support of Medicare for All and the expansion of public health services.  She also plans to target issues such as environmental justice and mass incarceration. She declares mass incarceration as the ‘antithesis of building stronger families and communities in this district.’ She advocates for the abolition of the death penalty and life without parole in order to tackle her

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