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Jaclyn Hill is Back With a New Collection

The beauty community has started to weigh in on Jaclyn Hill’s new collection just in time for the holiday season. 

Fans were disappointed last June after her first collection of 20 lipsticks were delivered containing mould, unidentified black spots, uneven texture and white hairs. Customers were refunded their money and the product ceased production. 

Hill uploaded a video to her Youtube channel to apologise, blaming the lack of quality control big enough to handle the volume of the launch: 

“My first launch was a fail. It sucked… it’s important that you guys know sorry and embarrassed I am,” she said. 

She revealed her holiday collection on her YouTube channel on November 14th which has been made in a different lab to the one she used previously, she said. 

The new collection from Jaclyn Cosmetics includes three new brushes and three new highlighter formulas, with prices ranging from $20 to $120. 

She raved to her viewers about her new Accent Light Highlighter palettes in her video: 

“This formula is so buttery and so beautiful and it just melts into the skin. It feels like a second layer of skin,” she said. 

She described her Beaming Light loose highlighter as a go-to for a “blinding highlight that is so intense.” 

She described the Moonlight loose highlighter as “facetune in a jar,” due to its more natural, glowy appearance on the skin. 

Influencers have started to receive their press boxes of the collection and Jeffree Star and MMMMitchell did not mince their words when reviewing this collection on Star’s channel.  

Mitchell released his own highlighter palette Sub Zero with Irish company bPerfect last year which was a massive success, so fans were eager to hear his opinions on this launch. 

The two beauty gurus complimented the packaging and design aesthetic of the collection, considering the luxury price point of the collection. 

However, they had different opinions on the Accent Light Highlighter palette’s formula to Hill, saying they had a drier, silkier texture but still had a great payoff. 

Comparing the Accent Light to the Beaming Light formula, Star said that the palette had a more “wet and pretty” look but the Beaming Light formula was “very blinding”. 

He later called the product the “star of the show” in this collection. 

Their initial reaction to the brushes was that they appeared cheap. Mitchell went on to say they felt like “pound shop” brushes. 

After using the brushes to apply the products throughout the video they both agreed that they applied the products well and their unique shapes worked well with the collection. 

However, Star concluded by saying that they are not necessary considering how many brushes are on the market at cheaper price points. 

They struggled to find a use for the Moonlight loose highlighter formula due to its sheerness compared to the other formulas in the collection. When swatched on their skin the product did not show up on camera. 

“I thought this was going to be light a wet diamond-y kind of shimmer but I’m not getting that,” Star said. 

In terms of diversity and inclusion of all skin types in the collection, Star praised Hill for creating two different palettes with different tones. 

“I love that there is a shade for everyone here. Jaclyn did think of every (obviously) skin tone and I think these are beautiful shades,” he said. 

The products are available at jaclyncosmetics.com which ships to Europe. 

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